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About the Mud and Blood official Wiki
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What is the Mud and Blood official Wiki?

This is the Mud and Blood official Wiki, the official online database and collection of all verifiable and accurate Mud and Blood knowledge, written by the players, testers, and creator of the Mud and Blood games. Please know that this is a wiki, meaning that anybody who logs in can edit most of the content, although they require an account to do so. Sadly, new user registration has been locked down currently due to spambots, and for that reason the forums or talk pages are the preferred channels for contacts regarding wiki editing. This wiki strives to be accurate and comprehensive, sometimes at the expense of ease of use. If you are searching for a quick guide on a Mud and Blood game, there are many available here and on the forums - those would better serve as a tutorial for the game (another option would be to read the respective 'Overview' pages for each game). On the other hand, if you are looking to fine-tune your strategy through precise calculation, it would be advisable to read through as much of this wiki as necessary.

Who Runs the MnB Wiki?

For a current list of all the members in each position, please see Staff.

The wiki staff is comprised of 3 groups: administrators, officers, and NCO's. Administrators have the highest level of control over the wiki, and can perform actions as simple as editing pages or as complex as modifying system files. Due to the technical nature of their role, administrators generally are not on the front lines of wiki issues and disputes. All major wiki incidents and disputes are resolved by dedicated users (officers) whose job is to maintain order and peace in the wiki through means such as vandalism control tools and the ability to ban users from editing the wiki. Additionally, the wiki is under surveillance and protection by moderators (NCO's and officers), who oversee the daily affairs of this wiki.

Finally, there is a rank of semi-staff users known as 'Trusted Users'. They do not function as moderators of the wiki, but have the extra abilities above normal users to create pages, upload files, and edit pages in certain maintenance namespaces. With these abilities, Trusted Users can better function as contributors without the extra responsibilities of normal staff members.

This wiki was created on June 8th, 2010, by Urb, the creator of Mud and Blood games. Currently Urb has ownership of the site, but Bersimon is the community leader and makes the final decisions on community issues. Other persons of importance are the Wiki Officer and Forum Moderator Riderx, Wiki NCO and Forum Moderator Hyyppa and Forum Moderator Lance.

Technical Information

This wiki runs MediaWiki software, which includes wiki markup as acceptable formatting, as well as xHTML. Extensions will be added as necessary at Urb's discretion.

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