Mud and Blood Cross

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Mud and Blood Cross
MnB Cross.jpg
Survive 5,000 enemy waves before the 50th mission
All units start with 9 additional exp
Real Life Medal?

One of the hardest and most distinguished medals. Survive an average of 100+ enemy waves per mission to the 50th mission and get this award. The reward is great, though. A 9-exp soldier ranks up really quickly (with 1 exp!).

Note: this medal employs the Logical Wave Counter, which may differ from the Visible Wave Counter (this only happens when you get detailed orders from crate).

Note: This Medal requires you to survive an Average of 100 waves. This means that you don't have to get 100 waves per game, but on your 49th deployment, you must have 5000 waves under your belt. This means you can have games which end before the whistle blows (wave 10-30) as long as you make up for it with High wave games (120+).

Note: Medics, Officers, Sarge, and Signalers gain an additional 9 exp to their standard deployment amount.

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