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Keep adding more quotes and info folks. Quotes from:

Welcome to the MnB3 sections of the wiki.

What follows below are quotes from urb and other sources.

MNB3 is small squad tactics too so expect the roughly same amount of soldiers to be on screen at the same time.

A small example of what the fire anim will look like.

Exactly right off the bat I'm thiking about bangalore torpedoes, shell scrape, mine detectors, mine defusal, demolition and booby trap detection.

There is a way to simplify things a little with thrown object.. whenever there is a hit detection with a building the thrown object has say 30% to get in the building or else it will bounce off the walls. Voila.

Germans will have TPs the same has you do in mnb2 by defending against waves.. but all the reinforcement you buy and the items you upgrade will be avail to you only if you retreat making retreating very important and must be planned carefully. Retreating too fast will obviously be detrimental on the long run. Retreating to late mean all your men are killed then the allies punch trough making loosing far more ground that if you end the game yourself (tactical withdraw).

Effective (or inneffective with low xp) range management is part of Ai routine so already in. The soldier will guesstimate the time it takes for the grenade to fly off his hands and land on the target then do the cooking from there. I'm not entirely stoked by using enemy force weaponry. Not saying it is never gonna be done tho.

Yup box magazines are getting ripped off the gun and thrown to the ground in an animation.Grabing and throwing the nade has animation.s yes. Although it means one thing: A soldier can unpin a grenade make a swing for it and get shot and drop it though. If someone beside him knows what they do he might kick it , take it from the ground and throw it or simply dive on it.

I know for a fact houses and any building for that matter will be enterable by anywhere. No the best option for realism but path finding can be a bitch especially in a game like mnb2 where -a lot- of stuff is walking moving and colliding around. Although very minimal path fiding will be implemented for vehicles so they just dont just drive across bunkers or houses anymore. On a player perspective it would be more profitable to manually navigate the tank aropund a building than just waiting for the tank to find its way around by hit and miss tries. (that doesnt require much horsepower to calculate)

basic sherman is buyable but we will go for upgrades such as the half track concept in mnb2 for turret gunner, flails, bocage spikes or a blade (dozer) or any other attachement that could be found on a tank.. Germans will use obstacles that is for sure.. it will be interesting to see you busy dealing with barb wires mines and tank obstacles.. even a stream or a river can be quite the challenge under fire.

MNB3 is single player.

I like the idea of changing mags in a lul although this would be an order from the officer slash senior NCo since ammo might be counted, the reminader ammo in the mag would be lost. (no COd ammo reapears in the other mags BS)Supporting fire and defensive supressive is a good idea althoug it sounds perfectly natural to have these in the game so thanks alot for those.

Urb has stated that the setting will be WW2, although this could change any time. You can play as the Germans or Americans. The Americans are on the offensive, while the Germans are on the defensive.

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