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See also: the Mud and Blood Series.

This is a future planned title. Although an old MnB2 tip revealed it would be a medieval game, a more recent tip reported that MnB 3 "might not be medieval after all." At length, Urb revealed his plans for it:

"MnB3 is still WW2—though that can change, as I'm a design bipolar to the extreme. But as the allies, you start at the beach. You can call whatever you want until you hit -20. The Germans will be there and defend in bunkers and trenches. The game will end when you reach Berlin.

As german you start with a solid amount of TP. You hold as long as you want, but the only way to get the TP you need is to retreat. If all your dudes die on the screen, you lost your game, so you gotta time when you want to retreat. It changes the dynamic of the game a lot without losing its core values, I think.

As an ally, you've GOT to advance, or else the Germans will just entrench deeper and you'll be deadlocked. You'll use the terrain more, since defence won't be much of an option. I certainly want a change of terrain generation as you progress: the beach, bocages, farmland and a bit more urbanish at one point—although buildings are a pain to manage, code-wise—, giving the player a feeling of progression. Frenchies won't be available until you are at a certain point in your campaign, etc."


→ For all the official information released so far, please view this forum post.

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