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Mud and Blood: Recon


Recon is a game about tactics, stealth and combat set during the Vietnam war somewhere on the Ho Chi minh trail. By blending the Mud and Blood brutality, sandboxing and rpg elements together, Mud and Blood Recon aims to please players craving for an advanced Mud and Blood experience.

Game description

Recon is a realistic military sim set in Vietnam. The merciless jungle warfare offers a unique battlefield for tactical squad play and the gritty unfair random brutality does it again with visceral and quick firefights. The game includes historically accurate features such as realistic weaponry, historical stats, enemies, items and missions based on extensive source material and first hand accounts.

The game immerses you into one of the bloodiest conflicts of history by putting you in charge of a full operation. Equip your men the way you want. Go where you want. Take risks, make calls on the spot and under fire. It's all you. Entire freedom of action in a surprisingly extensive sandbox battlefield filled with unforgiving traps, enemies and discontent. None of that casual crap where everybody wins. In Recon, you will live or die by your own decisions. Are up for the task?


→ For the latest on this project, please visit the Recon forums.

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