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Soldier with rather low morale‎
Applied when:Entire game, on soldiers. Vehicles are not affected.
EffectsRepresents a soldier's enthusiasm in battle and their CQC attack rate.
DescriptionMorale is your will to fight. High morale means your men will stay through the most gory of battles, while low morale means you're prone to running away. Vehicles are not affected by morale.

Also, SpecOps, Paratroopers, and Sarge will not run away at negative morale (note that, like other soldiers, they will still be pinned for a longer time when they have less morale), but everybody else will. Some soldiers naturally start with more morale, like Officers, while others are classified as cowards.

Morale is typically around 10-30 points in a normal soldier, and much less in a Frenchie. Morale is easily gained by leveling up, picking up crates with "Letters From Home" or "Propaganda", and also by Sarge shouting at troops and by the Morale Boost Command.

Morale is lost by anything gory on the battlefield, including watching the gibbing or "deep frying" of a fellow soldier. Grunts will suffer significant morale drop if they see leaderslike officers or high-ranked soldiers die. Also, everyone's morale will be divided by two if a Sarge died, plus the normal subtraction for Sarge's rank. Still, disabled soldiers don't drop morale, as long as they are still alive.

A soldier with less than 1 morale will realize how dangerous this never-ending war is, lose the will to fight, and run away before getting killed. Which means you can have very frightened soldiers still fighting on at 1 or 2 morale, and getting pinned even by rifles. A soldier with higher morale will be more likely not to be pinned when under heavy fire, and vice versa. Soldiers with over 100 morale are almost impossible to pin, and their morale will barely influenced even if they see one of their friends bite the dust (unless he was Sarge).

Morale also affects things like attack rate in CQC, which is why 12 SS Panzers are so deadly in CQC.

There is also a ribbon available that increases the starting morale of your soldiers by 10.
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