MnB2 Anniversary Ribbon

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MnB2 Anniversary Ribbon
Std ribbon anniversary.gif
Score a 100 wave game between the 8 of August and 8 of September.
You will start the game with one more TP. In addition, you will gain respect from the MnB community.
Real Life Medal?

A commemorative ribbon celebrating the release dates for the first stable version (2.1.0) of Mud and Blood 2: the first, on August 8th 2008, was released to frequenters of (maker of MnB); the second, on August 31st 2008, was released to the public at large on major game portals Kongregate and Newgrounds. The ribbon can be obtained during the whole month between August 8 and September 8.

This long obtention period contrasts with other anniversary ribbons, such as for the D-Day and Remembrance Day Ribbon which can only be obtained on one specific date.

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