Meritous Service Ribbon

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Meritous Service Ribbon
Meritous Service Ribbon.gif
Play 500 games of Mud and Blood 2
Give 2 TP at the start of each mission.
Real Life Medal?

A hard ribbon only dedicated players get, has a great reward of 2 TP at the start of each mission. This ribbon gives a nice extra for Close Protection as you then get 15 TP. This ribbon is hard to receive as you have to either surrender about 400 times to receive this (which is not the right way to do it) or play lots of games. When combined with all 3 extra TP giving ribbons, you receive 18 TP at the start of Close Protection. Though, you probably won't care about the extra 2 TP at that point as you are likely to have achieved the Guerrilla Warfare Ribbon and the Survival Ribbon. Not to be confused with the Meritorious Unit Commendation.

Real Life

This ribbon can be received during peace time or at the battle theater. It is awarded for actions comparable to the Legion of merit, but in lesser responsibility. It is compared to the Bronze Star, but as non-combatant.

This ribbon has one problem. It was "created" on January 16th 1969, 25 years after Operation L├╝ttich. So no MnB2 player should be able to receive this.

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