Meritorious Unit Commendation

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Meritorious Unit Commendation
Meritorious Unit Commendation.jpg
Survive 1,000 enemy waves before the 25th mission.
All basic soldiers, paratroopers (Springfield rifle replaced with Garand), frenchies, and scouts start with M1 Garands.
Real Life Medal?

A reasonably easy medal with a useful reward, although there is eternal controversy to which rifle is the best: Springfield, M1 Carbine or M1 Garand. Recruits almost always perform better with an M1 Garand when compared to the Springfield, making this medal rewarding. This lets you start with M1 Garands, and only requires that you survive an average of 40+ waves per mission before the 25th mission. Not to be confused with the Meritous Service Ribbon. This medal can actually be received before your 25th deployment, whenever you have 1000 waves under your belt.

Note: This medal employs the Logical Wave Counter, which may differ from the Visible Wave Counter.

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