Manoeuvre Ribbon

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Manoeuvre Ribbon
Manoeuvre Ribbon.jpg
Keep all of your men alive for 5 minutes
Gain 1 TP each subsequent time this is accomplished
Real Life Medal?

Human life is a valuable possession, perhaps the most valuable. An army cannot function without manpower, so it is crucial for commanders to do whatever it takes to keep their men alive, even if it means running a medic through a Tiger's line of fire to reach a disabled frenchie. Regardless, some commanders would rather value life as a toy, or as an advantage, but are unaffected when a squad dies right before their eyes.

For commanders that will value life, the US Military is willing to give each commander 1 TP every time they manage to keep their men alive for a measly five minutes. For more experienced commanders who cherish human life, the Survival Ribbon is more of a test of tactics. Most MnB commanders find this medal easy to get and somewhat rewarding, so long as they don't receive a Tiger or arty blitz at wave 1. This ribbon looks very similar to the Kyoto Ribbon but the reward differs.

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