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This is the page where information and links related to the maintenance of this wiki are gathered. This is the engine behind the entire wiki. Important!: This page is only editable to registered autoconfirmed users. To see if you are one, go to the "my preferences" link at the top of the screen.

Notice: This place may not always have the cleanest and most elegant looks, as it is a maintenance room. Please do not be deterred by links not re-named or other "raw" coding.


Notice Board

Specific tasks for the community are posted here, and so are notices about Wiki changes.

Missing Info

Alright officers, commissioned or not: we need to identify all important info that is missing from the Wiki, and then find ways to fill it in. Some of it will require player testing (rifle averages, for instance), others will require Urb's direct input (damage and range values for most explosives), while others we may find for ourselves.

So, please go find this missing stuff and list your findings over here. --Bersimontalk Admin 21:27, 23 February 2012 (UTC)

Template Organization

As you can see from the recent edit, we have a boatload of templates. We need some form of organization, where we can easily find the available user badges, canned messages, box notices, article templates, info boxes, etc. --Bersimontalk Admin 21:54, 23 February 2012 (UTC)

Image quality check

If anybody notices articles that lack the necessary pictures, or images of poor quality, overly compressed, badly cropped, without proper transparency, etc., please round them up here so that this can be amended.

New discussion page

For lengthy matters, a new discussion page was created called Wiki:Planning Room.


Post any requests for the wiki you may have here.

Concerning the new rights

  • Can we re-open wiki editing to unregistered users, under the condition that they must pass a CAPTCHA for any edit they create? It should help allow the wiki to be more open and possibly improved.
  • Also, is there a way to allow users to create their own user page?

Thanks, --Riderx 16:30, 15 December 2011 (UTC)

Support the first one, and the second one should be possible. -Branabus, minor

Help with Specific Tasks

Main article: Help:Contents

Here we have guides that are meant for wiki contributors and maintainers rather than for players:

List of Templates

These are the templates available to use in the Wiki, sorted alphabetically. Instructions can be found on their own pages:

A indicates functionaly obsolete templates.

A full listing of all templates can be found in here, including the various user badges.

Deletion Requests

While we have many empty pages that are useful to maintain as redirects to the actual pages, some others are born out of misspellings or just plain disorganization, and it may be better to just delete them. Many image files can also turn out to be useless to keep or to try updating.

No requests currently.

Wiki User Ranks

There are three types of privileged user ranks in this Wiki: NCOs, Officers and Admins. Currently, NCOs are trusted users who have the ability to protect pages and upload new images, while Officers can additionally block users, IPs and e-mails. Both of them are considered moderators. The third rank, Admins, wield full power over the wiki.

If you're looking for a knowledgeable user or moderator to help you, check the current List of NCOs and List of Officers.

Help Wanted

When we need certain functions to be done by any editor and when we need new editors, come here and pick up a job. The pay is at $0.00 an hour and you receive no health insurance benefits. lol.

For editing, please check Category:Work On periodically to see what pages have been listed as needing some TLC. Smile.gif

New Editor Jobs

  • People with time on their hands and a decent understanding of English, we need you to change misspellings on pages so that future search engines can recognize it.
  • Users with knowledge of real world warfare and equipment, please take the time to add such information to this wiki, as it will enrich the experience for all readers.
  • We need a few full-sized screenshots of the various blitzes. Upload them to a free image hosting website so that a moderator can view and add them to the wiki.
  • We could use the help of editors to make the medal pages more descriptive. Check out the Victoria Cross or Halloween Ribbon to see what qualifies as a better description

Jobs For Experienced Users

  • Make redirect pages for some of our pages that need it; this job is continuously open as people make internal links to crazy places and we need them straightened out
  • Hit the advanced editing features area and add some color to some pages

Jobs for NCO's, Officers

  • Semi-Protecting Pages. I think some pages are ready to be semi-protected, a method to prevent vandalism. These pages include administration pages and pages that are almost complete.
  • Strategy pic uploading: yes, we need pics and strats. Add pics to pre-existing ones or create your own.

Job of the Month

Every month, someone picks a job for us editors to work on. Sign after your job so we know who requested it, or the job will not get done!

No job of the month available


Main article: Wiki:Changelog

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