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Welcome to the official Mud and Blood Wiki!
707 articles and counting. We have had 13,006 users since June 8th 2010, 1 of which are active.

Strategy of the Month


Name: RedxWings' "How lucky are you feeling today?" strategy

Creator: RedxWings
(User's Wiki Page)

Use: Wave 400+ strategy

Description: RedxWings, a seasoned veteran to strategy making, released a new guide with a new concept of bazooka formation, expanding on Bersimon's zook analyzer to place the units in a hexagonal formation at bottom center field. This strategy only has 1 Mortar Pit with every bazooka in it, so luck will tell how long that pit will last. In addition, it has a pillbox, an AAA, and a QUADRUPLE-Bunker for maximum protection. It has been said that this strategy can get you to wave 400+!

Mud and Blood 2 (Play)
Current version: 2.3.1g

Icon overview.gif

A (somewhat) brief overview of MnB2

Icon units.gif

All the units included in MnB2, friend or foe.

Icon ribbons.gif

Every ribbon included in MnB2, Warning: Spoilers

Screenshot Gallery

Some screenshots from our staff.

Icon strategies.gif

Tactics by the players for the players to enhance survival rates.

Deployment Options

Deeper information about each deploy option, and how to make the best of each.

Icon alliedweapons.gif

Each weapon in MnB2, Allied or Nazi

Icon terrain.gif

Each terrain feature in MnB2 and its tactical effect.

Icon mec.gif
Game Mechanics

Deeper reading about the mechanics of MnB2.

Icon noob.gif
N00B in MnB2

Want to find out what not to do?

Icon support.gif

A sig can call HQ when you need fire support

Icon structures.gif

An engineer can build structures to help you fight off Germans

Icon blitz.gif
Blitz Waves

"Stuff just got real, bro"

Icon spec.gif

Unique roles played by units in MnB2

Icon menu.gif
Game Interface

Learn how to command the battlefield!

Icon orders.gif
Officer Orders

All the orders that your officer uses to command the battlefield!

Mud and Blood: Recon
Current version: unreleased

Icon overview.gif

A collection of knowledge about MnB:Recon, granted to us by Urb

Icon units.gif

All the units included in MnB:Recon, friend or foe.

Other Mud and Blood Titles

IconMNBSeries.png Mud and Blood: Vietnam

In depth information about the first public game in the Mud and Blood series.

Ico MnB1.gif Mud and Blood

The original MnB, it has been recalled

Ico MnB3.gif Mud and Blood 3

Mud and Blood 3, a proposed future release. Who knows what it will be?

Wiki HQ

Icon maintenance.gif Maintenance Portal

The central Wiki Maintenance HQ, with an extensive and updated job list.

The Rules Rules

The rules governing the wiki and its use.

Help with Editing Editing Help

So you're the new kid who wants to go editing stuff? Drop down and give me 20 reads, private!"-Sarge

Wiki Staff Staff

The official staff who runs the wiki

Help With Promotions Promotions

"You want a what? The test is brutal!"

The Wiki Discussion Board Discussion Room

Want to chat with the staff within the wiki? Chat here.


Icon communityportal.png
Community Portal

The Mud and Blood HQ

Icon battlefieldtheory.gif
Battlefield Theory

Real-life tactics and concepts applying to MnB2

Ico IRC.gif
IRC Channel

The chat-room for Mud and Blood, where you can speak with the wiki staff and forum regulars and moderators

Wiki Notices

The current Wiki lockdown level is high. This means that page creation for basic users is temporarily disabled due to extensive vandalism. Please ask a member of the Staff if you want a page created.

The current threat level is low. This means external links are mostly controlled and all spam is gone or low.

Random MnB2/WWII Fact for Friday, October 23, 2020:

Führer translates literally as Guide.

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