MG-42 Gunner

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Axis Unit
MG-42 Gunner
Std unit axis gunner idle.gif
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
100 random 1-50
Morale Speed Priority
1-100 10 px/s High
A machine gunner that doesn't pass your lines, but rather lays down suppressing fire.
"This is a soldier with a MG42. He will try to pin down your soldiers while his unit advances on your lines"
— Official game quote

A Wehrmacht soldier with an MG-42. He can be dangerous or not, depending how fast your defense line can react.

His job is to move into the battlefield, lie down, and unleash chaos upon your soldiers, whilst other Germans move ahead. If he is deployed with high exp, you may think of giving up if your soldiers are inexperienced. He is insanely fast at pinning and killing your troops before they can react.

They come on the Sd. Kfz. 251, Tiger Tank, K├╝belwagen, and Panzer IV Medium Tank (The Panzer IV uses an MG-34, but it still does the same job). Beware and take them out quick before they pin your men down.

He can be also found on the passenger mount of the Zundapp KS750, and like the normal version, he can he will try to advance a short distance, after hopping out of the driverless bike, before setting down and peppering your soldiers with bullets.

How do I Deal with this?

Kill them before they can deploy their MG-42 or else you'll be sorry. If he happens to be the surviving passenger of a Zundapp bike, he can deploy close to your lines, or if he passes the bottom of the screen, he will count as a flanker.

Real Life

In the German army the squad revolved around the gunner; the gunner advanced firing his MG-42, while the riflemen protected him even if the MG was supposed to protect the riflemen. MG-42 fired around 1200 rounds per minute making it the fastest firing weapon of WW2, but it overheated rapidly and burst firing or barrel changing was frequent.

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