M3 Grease Gun

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Allied Weapon
M3 Grease Gun
Std weapon allied m3greasegun.gif
Weapon stats:
(mouseover the icons for explanation)
Maximum damage; the minimum is always 1 Effective firing range, in pixels (for reference, the game field is 400px wide by 600px tall) Maximum rounds fired at a single target Ammunition capacity Reload time, in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second); the less, the better; the unit's exp is deducted from this value, getting faster as it ranks up
75 150 1-10 30 150
CQC (close quarters combat) bonus multiplier; the unit's rifle skill is multiplied by this value when firing at a distance of 100px or less Range malus; the unit's rifle skill is divided by this penalty when firing beyond the weapon's effective range AP (anti-personnel) explosion radius; area of the blast that damages all units, but deals reduced damage to vehicles AT (anti-tank) explosion radius; area of the blast that deals fatal damage to mechanical units Gib explosion radius; area of the blast that blows all organic units caught in it to pieces
3 2 N/A N/A N/A
CQC, free, high rate of fire
Damage and range, but compared to the Tommy Gun, its range malus is better.
A fast-firing sub machine gun, potent at its effective range. However, it is often superseded by other guns or an experienced unit armed with rifle grenades when firing over long range.

For the Mud and Blood: Recon version of this weapon, see M3.

The M3 Grease Gun is exclusive to the SpecOps and Engineer units on deployment. The M3 cannot be bought at all.

The M3 Grease Gun is a very effective short-range weapon, sporting an impressive rate of fire. This will most likely be the first automatic weapon you will use since it comes free with the Engineer, who is often one of the first units you will deploy in most strategies. Despite this, the M3 has a short effective range and is therefore not recommended as a long range weapon. However, it has a better range malus than a Tommy Gun, and is free (with the SpecOps or Engineer). Basically, this means the Grease Gun is more accurate out of its effective range, but its effective range is shorter. Overall, the M3 is an okay weapon.


  • This submachine gun fired a .45 caliber and was opted for due to its mass-producability. The Thompson family of this caliber was being phased out due to the M3 Grease Gun being cheaper and easier to manufacture.
  • Call of Duty 2 was the last Call of Duty game to include the M3 Grease Gun.
  • The M3 was inspired by the British SMG Sten gun.
  • The grease gun was used all the way up to the Vietnam War.(See here and here.)


M3 Grease Gun compared to the Tommy Gun

Std weapon allied m3greasegun.gif <--- ---> X weapon allied thompson.gif

Pictured above from left to right: M3 Grease Gun , Thompson.

Advantages of M3 Grease Gun against the Tommy Gun:

  • Better range malus
  • Better CQC
  • Longer bursts (greater chance of killing enemy)

Disadvantages of M3 Grease Gun against the Tommy gun:

  • Shorter range
  • Weaker
  • Can't be bought
  • Longer bursts (wasteful use of ammo, more frequent reloads)

Allied vs. Axis

Side allied24.png
Side axis24.png
M3 Grease Gun
Std weapon allied m3greasegun.gif
X weapon axis m40.gif
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