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Allied Unit
M3 AT Gun
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Starting equipment:
2 crewmen.
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
500 1-20 0 N/A 10px/s
A powerful AT unit that doesn't require a clear line of fire and is more resilient than bazookas. High anti-tank damage; operates at half efficiency with 1 crew.
See also Pak 38.

The M3 AT Gun is a large, slow moving, slow firing, yet highly lethal Anti-tank gun that is moved by two crew members and is great for taking out groups of infantry directly or indirectly.

Before bazooka nerfing patch, they weren't quite as needed and were considered as a waste of TP in some cases. Since the nerf, though, they have became an extremely vital anti-tank units, being able to deal a considerable punch to any German vehicle that dares to enter the battlefield.

The shell's explosion radius is not as large as a tank shell's, but the damage is more concentrated so it is generally more effective as an Anti-tank weapon. The M3 AT Gun will cost 8 TP and comes with two replaceable operators.

The AT Gun is your version of the German PAK 38. Strategies often employ having more then one AT gun due to their fairly low fire rate. In previous patches it was common to have an 'AT stack' of AT guns in one trench. However, with Patch 2.2.7b, this is no longer possible as the guns will not fire if they are too close together. This may discourage the use of the M3 to some players, as the guns are quite large and it's difficult not to stack them but still have an effective AT force made entirely of these.

Having one gun against a group of vehicles is a good idea, considering it's highly lethal and can destroy other vehicles even if it misses.

Real life

The real M3 was produced in many variants in World War 2. The one we have is the 50mm type. The first M3 was 37mm caliber and it was extremely effective in Pacific Campaign thanks to it being light-weight and easy to move around in tough terrain. It was extremely effective against Japanese tanks (which were only lightly armored), as well as against infantry and fortifications. However, during the African Campaign, it wasn't quite as useful; Panzer III and IV had thick armor that, according to some reports, "made ammunition bounce off like marbles," and was "useless unless you have gun crews with the guts to stand and shoot from 100 yards." After the African Campaign in Sicily it showed it's effectiveness against pre-war Italian Tanks, which were lightly armored, but were, as previously stated, absolutely useless against the more heavily armored German tanks (specifically, in the Sicilian case, the Tiger I). In the spring of 1944, a new 57mm version arrived to service in large numbers, though the 37mm was still used by airborne forces as it could be dropped by parachute, unlike the 57mm. M3 guns were classed as obsolete and were removed from US weapons arsenal right after the war had ended.

M3 AT Gun in entrenched position
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