Last Stand

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Last Stand
Xx deploy laststand.gif
Rank Required:
Brigadier General (minimal)
Start with 60 TP bonus, at least, but gain no TP from waves later on
+10 TP to last stand, capping at 100 for non-cheaters
"Last stand. Start with 50 points and last as long as you can. Must be at least Brigadier General to use this option. Subsequent general ranks add +10 to the amount of tactical points given by the Last stand option."
— Official game quote



Last Stand is one of the hardest game mode/deployment options in MnB. Thus, it is only achieved when a person ranks up minimally to a Brigadier General. Last Stand gives the player an enormous amount of starting TP, but allows no more to be received through waves. At the rank of Brigadier General, this amount of TP is 60. Each subsequent rank gives 10 more TP, until Mud and Blood General, giving 100 TP start.

What Is It Like?

It's brutal. The internal/logical wave counter is set to start at wave 100. This means that anything you might see at wave 100, you'll see in Last Stand at wave 1. This would mean you could see a Wespe at wave 1 in this mode.


Well, this game mode is perhaps the best "sandbox" mode. You can really try any strategy you might like, from spamming Frenchies to calling in lots of paratroopers.

Other Facts

  • Having a Wespe/Tiger at wave 1 does not count as being "bait" here, because of the harder mode.
  • Gives a large amount of exp if done well.

Pictures From Last Stand

Last stand.png

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