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Ico semiprotected.gif

Hello I'm Jacob and this is my strategy page...

This page contains 'proper strats' and fun strats. If you have any suggestions on what I could add tell me here. By Jacob.


Tank Fortress

OK, in response to patch 2.3, I've decided to scrap mainly using bazookas and instead use mainly tanks as they can now become incredibly good killers now that their gun skill improves and when given the 50 cal upgrade.

Green text is the good stuff about the pros of my strategy.

Red text is warnings or really important stuff.

The rest of my instructions are in black.

After extensive testing, I can confirm that this strat can get you past wave 200, so it is Victoria Cross viable. This strategy is for both beginners and veterans alike, depending on whether you want to try this or not.


  • Preferably the morale boosting ribbon. Which this strat will almost certainly get you.
  • Rifle boosting ribbons, and possibly the free officer medal.

(These are not necessary for beginners on a new profile).

This strategy is ideal for beginners on regular deployment as your soldiers are going to be the main killers for the game. Or, if you want to challenge yourself, use Special Operations or go on close protection and use paratroopers as the main soldiers (provided there aren't any trees). However, this can be a dangerous gamble as paratroopers can die upon landing, but are generally much better than regulars. The best deployment option is close protection or proper planning with 20TP.

It may be necessary to start off by buying 2 bazookas and AT Guns at first as they are a lot cheaper and aren't impossible to replace like tanks. Just remember Zooks don't work under camnets, so your tank and AT Gun will be sharing a camnet each when you can afford it.

Normal Guide

Step 1: Bunkered Engineer

On regular deploy, if your men have a fairly bad rifle skill or you just want more, buy 2 more soldiers and save 13TP for an engineer, mortar pit and camnet, then build the bunker and follow through with the rest, or if you want to be safe, place a bunker on the left and right hand side of the screen, HALFWAY UP, and place a Frenchie in each. This is because they will mostly never get hit by Wespe fire and if one of the bunkers gets blown up, you will still have 1 Meatshield left to distract enemy fire and it won't immediately mean game over. The mortar pit is an alternative to the trench (to allow more troops). The single bunker in front of the trench is a cheaper but higher risk option and you will probably not last as long. Or tactical withdraw all rubbish soldiers and get SpecOps instead.

Buy an engineer and have him dig a trench about 1/3 up the screen (in the centre for all around view), and place your soldiers in it.Do not give soldiers grenades or upgrade their weapons yet!. Move your engineer up the screen and have him build a bunker halfway up the screen and place him in front of it so you can save for a camnet and so he can rack up exp.

If absolutely necessary, advancing also helps you find a decent battlefield with NO TREES OR ROCKS and gives your men extra exp and morale which will prove useful when the game gets going. However, this is hard and is usually not worthwhile for very long. Also allow your soldier with the lowest exp/rifle skill to fetch crates as this is a quicker way of leveling him up. If you can't be bothered to advance use TNT to blow the trees up ONLY. Rocks require 1 TNT charge EACH and will waste lots of TP.

This should take about 15-25 waves depending on whether you advance or get lots of crates.

Step 2: The ReinFrenchments and Snipers

  • Once you have enough TP, move your engineer over the trench and place a camnet over it, and place a pillbox behind it. Buy 2 snipers and place each of them on one side of the pillbox, near the bottom of the screen, so they can decimate enemy infiltrators and snipers.

The pillbox is essential for allowing soldiers to hide away if they are injured or if there is a Wespe Blitz/Artillery Blitz because the Wespe Blitz can do the work for you by killing masses of enemies while you wait for it to disappear or until you've managed to destroy it.

  • If you have not bought a medic already, buy one now as they are really important for keeping your men alive. Then buy two Frenchies and move them and the medic into the bunker for distracting enemy fire. Trust me, this works great and protects your valuable men nearly all the time.
  • Move your engineer into the trench with the other four soldiers and give them all grenades, and give your soldiers M1 Garands (and possibly Rifle Grenades. This will eventually lead to some pretty awesome grenade spam when you're soldiers are at high ranks. If you have not got a free officer from the medal, buy one now (and probably ranger train him as well). The officer is essential for allowing crucial commands such as concentrate fire.

If you want to have more soldiers, simply place a trench on each side of the mortar pit and cover them with camnets.

Step 3: The Tanks and Siggy

  • Now, you must save for two tanks and place one on either side of the pillbox, in line with it. Give them the fifty cal upgrade too. You will also need a mechanic to repair your vehicles. Keep an eye on the tanks because they can accidentally blow up the bunkers, along with your poor Medic and Frenchies if there are enemies near/inside the bunker and cause friendly fire among your troops if an Sd. Kfz. 222 comes along and tries to screw up our defence.
  • Buy a signaller so he can take care of any unexpected blitzes and to save your bacon. It also helps to have him call an occasional sitrep as well as you will sometimes get a good result. Buy an engineer to be used to place AT Mines around the bunker in case enemy tanks appear and your tanks miss them or get destroyed.

If you get a Wespe or Tiger Tank and have no AT units, move your soldiers into the pillbox and have your engineer move up into the bunker. Then wait for the right moment for him to move up close enough to place some mines, then quickly move him back into the bunker before the tank blows up.

This is kind of what your setups should look like.

Single bunker

Setup with two bunkers.

Close Protection Guide

On close protection, buy an engineer and a sniper immediately. Place your sniper on the bottom left hand corner of the screen and move your engineer halfway up the screen and place a bunker there. Quickly buy 2 Frenchies and place them in the bunker and move your engineer down to the trench and build a camnet. Buy a signaller and a medic and place the signaller in the trench. Buy a scout and then a soldier and place them in the trench too. Then follow the rest of the guide on Tanks. Placing a gunner in each bunker is an optional extra, which I would not recommend on regular deploy because it is too difficult to obtain the necessary TP.

What to do in extreme emergencies in which you are close to being screwed

  • If a Wespe comes along, move soldiers into the pillbox as quickly as possible and your tanks (if you have any) upwards above the halfway line and wait for your tanks to destroy it. If you have no tanks, your gunners should be able to handle the German infantry.

This is what it will look like:

Emergency pic.png

  • If your engineer, signaller and most of your soldiers are in the pillbox, have your engineer lay mines all the way around the pillbox and booby trap them if an enemy pioneer tries to defuse them. Have your signaller call a sitrep to possibly gain more TP, also call in CAS and arty with him if you like.

Weighing up the pros and cons of this strategy


  • The strategy is awesome at killing the bad guys and not being destroyed by Flak 38's or PAK38's as the Frenchies distract the fire nearly all the time and extend other soldiers lives significantly, plus the gunners can keep you going for ages at high ranks. I can also almost guarantee consistent wave 100-140 achievements and also over 200 waves if you are lucky, so is viable for the much vaunted medals, (provided you don't get 10 detailed order crates!).


  • If the bunker is destroyed, your game is probably up. Tanks are hard to replace plus they need a mechanic to fix them, they also are also not very good at aiming their main gun shots so they often miss. TP may be tight during the later game waves and losing your soldiers can be heartbreaking and can lower morale badly if they are gibbed or burnt. If your gunners are both killed you will lose a lot of morale and Anti infantry capability and replacing them is almost impossible.

Troops used in this strategy (plus optional extras)

Std unit allied gunner idle.gif
The gunner is a great Anti Infantry choice and will return a heck of a lot of kills when ranked up. I should only recommend getting them on close protection or proper planning, as it is very difficult to buy them during regular deploy. One gunner should go in each bunker, behind the Frenchie. The only drawback of this is that you will lose the gunner as well if the bunker is blown up, so it is a risk that's up to you to decide. Ideally, they should come with 20 or more rifle skill as they won't be very effective killers and it will be difficult to level them up. Late in the game at NCO rank they can be the things that keep your game going even if some of the other men get killed, just remember the meatshields are vital for protecting them.
Std unit allied engineer idle.gif
The engineer will initially be used for getting close range kills and for building your structures. Under testing of this strategy several have made it to NCO and are among the last ones to die during the game. The engineer will also be used for a last ditch defence by laying mines all around the bunker.
Std unit allied officer idle.gif
Your officer is needed for enabling commands such as Concentrate Fire, All Around Defense and Morale Boost for emergencies or for making soldiers immune to pinning. They typically come with lowish rifle skill so it is a good idea to ranger train him and allow him to fetch crates as they will give random aid more often such as reducing flankers, which may prove necessary in the game to reduce the chances of Unfair Events.
Std unit allied bazooka aim.gif
Considering patch 2.3, bazookas are OK AT units and are quite cheap, but they often miss and have bad morale. Giving them a morale boost is a good idea. They won't fire under camnets any more so you can't have more than six without breaking the 6 man rule. having a couple of them may be a good idea, along with M3 AT Guns and Sherman Tanks. If you choose to buy them I would recommend having 2, one on each side of the pillbox. These will be your primary/light AT defence, for taking out the all the other vehicles bar Tigers as they are not effective against Tiger Tanks.
Std unit allied sniper idle.gif
Snipers are crucial for disposing of German snipers and infiltrators and are extremely accurate with the average of 50 rifle skill and after a bit of ranking up. Snipers should be placed at the back to keep them safe. One sniper on each side of the pillbox will ensure maximum coverage. Don't place them too far away from the pillbox if you can help it because you will need to move them into the pillbox if you come under arty or Wespe attack.
Std unit allied medic idle.gif
Crucial for healing up injured soldiers, they become incredibly fast healers at NCO rank. Their high speed makes them good crate fetchers so you should use them to get crates that are far away. They will often be healing up your meatshields so try not to let them get shot.
Std unit allied french idle.gif
The Frenchies will be your meatsheilds in the bunkers, used to distract almost all of the enemy fire and to protect your valuable men. It is very easy to replace them if they are killed, but it may take a while for him to get to his location in the bunker. Frenchies can be pretty good if they are looked after, but I wouldn't recommend it as too much sentimentality will distract you from more important units.
Sherman Tank
Std unit allied sherman idle.gif
Tanks are awesome At units with their high rate of fire. And now that their gun skill improves they can become really good anti infantry units, given the 50 cal upgrade. However, they are really expensive and require a mechanic to repair plus are extremely difficult to replace. These should be your tertiary AT defence as they are the most powerful and expensive AT units worth getting, as Land Mattresses are not worth it.
M3 AT Gun
M3 AT Gun
Std unit allied m3 idle.gif
AT guns are a cheaper option to tanks, but require crewmen if they blown off and pack somewhat less of a punch. You should have one on each side of the pillbox, sharing a camnet with a tank later on. They are however, quite effective against German infantry and vehicles in small numbers and should be used as your secondary AT defence.

The inevitable things that can and will destroy you eventually

OK, you will get owned eventually, so I shall list the ways you can get destroyed and tell how to avoid/prepare for them.

  • Officers and NCO's get killed, lowering morale considerably. Keep all Officers and NCO's as close to the pillbox and medics as possible, this will allow them to quickly get inside if they are injured or are in danger.
  • Your tanks/AT units are blown up/killed, rendering you almost defenceless against armoured units. This is probably about time to call it quits and withdraw to the pillbox...
  • A bunker/both bunkers are destroyed, leaving you with no meatshields. If everyone else is OK, try to save for another bunker and Frenchie. If you are being overwhelmed with tanks, withdraw to the pillbox and use mines. Or give up.


Here I have some test results of this strat.

200+ waves.png

Regular Deployment Strat

This is very straight-forward.

Step 1

  • Place your 4 grunts near the top of the screen to rack up exp and tp and give soldiers with under 20 rifle a shotgun and ones with rifle over 20 M1 Garands.
  • Buy an engineer and move him up with your regular soldiers.

Step 2

  • Build a bunker to the left and right and hand side, on the halfway line. Then continue racking up exp with your soldiers.
  • Once your soldiers are Sergeant or close enough, move them near the bottom of the screen and place them in a trench and build a pillbox behind it.
  • Build a camnet over your men. Buy a medic and an officer. then place 1 Frenchie in each bunker to distract enemy fire whilst letting your proper soldiers do their work. Give all men in the trench grenades.

Step 3

  • Buy a signaller and an officer .
  • Save for a tank and place it on the left hand side of the bunker, then do the same with another tank.
  • Once this is done, buy a mechanic to fix your tanks.

Use your signaller to call in emergency support and sitreps as this is a lifesaver sometimes. In the case of Wespes, put all men in the trench in the bunker and wait for it to disappear/call artillery on it. Or just wait for your tanks to blow it up.

Epic Strategy Number 1: Frenchies Rule OK Strat

This strategy works best on Close Protection and a little extra TP helps. Also it helps to have the free officer medal as you will need at least one officer. This is also doable on Regular Deployment or Hasty Defense with a bit of luck.

For this strategy, you will need:

  • 12 Frenchies.
  • An Officer and an Engineer.
  • 4 or more Bazookas.
  • A Signaller.
  • 2 Medics.
  • 2 Snipers.
  • 3 Gunners.
  • A bunker
  • 3 Camnets.
  • 2 Mortar Pits.
  • 2 Trenches (1 behind the left mortar pit and one in the bunker).
  • A Pillbox.
  • 4 Sandbags (2 for every mortar pit, placed at the front to protect against grenades).

Step 1: Gunners, Zooks and Snipers

  • Start by buying and engineer and building a bunker in the middle of the screen below the halfway line. Then put three gunners inside it and have your officer and engineer near the top of the screen so they can get some exp before you place them elsewhere.
  • Save for a mortar pit and camnet and build them to the left of the bunker.
  • If your officer has a rubbish rifle skill buy Sarge to babysit him.
  • As bazookas can no longer fire under camnets, build a trench behind the mortar pit and put 4 bazookas inside it.
  • Buy 2 snipers and place them in the mortar pit.
  • Try to reinforce the bunker with sandbags and a trench for extra protection.
  • Buy a signaller and a scout as they can tell you when the next wave is coming and the signaller allows you to call support on a massive horde of enemies, then buy anything else such as SpecOps or Soldiers.

At this stage it is best to initially allow your officer to get crates as they need exp if you want them to reduce flankers later on. Afterwards, send your medic to get them as it is too dangerous to send your officer out in the late game. After Sarge has reached NCO rank, place him in the bunker with the gunners so he doesn't die from enemy grenades. It is also a good idea to have him babysit your officer inside the bunker as they will lower morale massively if they both die in the open where they are most vulnerable.

Step 2: Frenchie Corner

  • You will notice there is a space next to your bunker, simply do this next step or fill it with whatever takes your fancy.
  • Place a mortar pit to the right of the bunker and place a camnet over it.
  • Next, buy 12 (yes 12) Frenchies and put them all in the mortar pit.
  • Then give all the Frenchies grenades and laugh yourself silly watching them make mincemeat out of the enemy infantry.

This is not as stupid as it sounds and the resulting grenade throws are epic. To add to the destruction, give every other soldier in the open grenades to further increase the damage (it's fun being evil Evil.gif isn't it?). Frenchie corner is very fun to watch, but you don't have to include it if you don't want to. You may also want to buy Sarge to raise them up to 20 morale if you don't have him already. If you don't have the Legion d'Honneur this is a good way of quickly leveling up your medic.

The setup should look like this (without camnets) and with the pillbox behind the bunker:

Std structure mortarpit extra.gif Std structure bunker.gif Std structure mortarpit extra.gif

They should all have camnets over them to make sure you don't break the 6 man rule. Also try and build an Antenna and a Radar in your pillbox as it is very important for you to intercept V1's and planes as they can make a rather unpleasant mess of your soldiers. If your radar detects a V1, CALL AIR SUPERIORITY IMMMEDIATELY or risk your men getting BBQed.

After this you are free to spend extra TP on stuff you want such as AAA's and tanks. Note that a direct artillery strike or bomb drop can destroy every man in the mortar pits so be extra careful not to break the 6 man rule because that's when airstrikes and V1's are more likely to land on you. You can stop enemy support by calling Counter Arty or Air superiority. The officer allows you to concentrate fire on threats such as tanks so your bazookas can quickly dispose of them. Your siggy is there for for cancelling enemy support and for letting you call support such as artillery. If you are lucky you may get crates containing free soldiers, items that increase unit's stats and extra TP are all excellent things to find in them, but DON'T send Medics out to retrieve them if they are far away or while there is still a bloodbath going on or there's a very good chance the grenades your Frenchies are throwing will kill him. I know because this has happened to me too many times and has cost me valuable Medics. If necessary, place badly hurt soldiers in the pillbox and then let him out when he is back to 100 health.

Blitzes and other nasty threats

  • Most Blitzes aren't that much of a problem except for ones involving tanks and invisible units. If you encounter one, it is likely to be an infantry blitz which shouldn't be too much of a problem. However, if you come across big ones, call artillery or support ASAP.
  • Artillery and V1 blitzes are actually stoppable if you are very quick. You need to call counter arty for the Arty blitz and Air superiority for the V1 blitz.
  • Look out for Goliaths and Sdkfz 222's as they are very fast, annoying and can cause a lot of damage if you don't get things out of the way or kill it fast enough. Be sure to concentrate fire on them if you see them going for your men.

Make sure you do not place ANY of your units or structures over the half way line as there is a chance that your artillery may land on your men and kill someone valuable. Also, keep an eye out for enemy infiltrators and snipers as they can pop up when you least expect them and kill valuable men.

This strategy will get you past wave 100 on a good day but I usually get URBed soon afterwards by tanks. If it does work way after wave 100 please let me know here as this strategy is still under testing.

Fun Guerrilla Warfare Strat

This strategy works on Close Protection or Hasty Defense with a bit of good ol' luck. On this strategy I DID break the 6 man rule but none of the German support did much damage. This isn't necessarily a proper strategy it's really just because I was bored and I thought 'What the heck? I'll use Frenchies and have some fun giving them grenades.' True story.

What you will need if you decide to try this

  • 6 Frenchies
  • 2 Bazookas and Snipers
  • 1 Officer and 1 Medic.

Step 1

  • Buy 6 Frenchies and space them evenly apart at about the halfway line and give them all grenades and rifle grenades.
  • While your Frenchies are causing chaos, buy a Medic and Officer to help keep the Frenchies going.

Step 2

  • Buy 2 Bazookas and place them behind the Frenchies on the edges of the screen.
  • Do the same with your Snipers at the bottom of the screen.

The reason for this being that if the Germans launch any support on you, it is more likely to hit your Frenchies than anything else and Frenchies are cheap to replace. This is what got me the Remembrance Day Ribbon, the Westpoint Commendation, the Legion d'Honor and the Guerrilla Warfare Ribbon all in ONE game as it did get me past wave 100 until I had a nasty scrape with a Tiger Tank, Panzer IV and a PAK-38. If it works more than once, good for you.

Close Protection Strat

This strat is very good and can be very easy if you get a free officer every game.

Step 1: Awesome officer and Sarge

  • Buy Sarge or 2 SpecOps and spend as much time as possible advancing in order to gain as much extra TP as possible.
  • After saving up, buy a tank and give it a Fifty cal gunner.

You will need to buy a Medic at some point so it is best to get one early and use him to fetch crates as they are very fast.

Step 2

  • Buy a Fifty Cal and place it where it will do most damage.
  • Buy a Medic (as early as possible as you will need one) and a Sniper.

Step 3

  • Save up for a tank
  • Give your officer Ranger Training until he has over 100 rifle skill. This is easy to do as officers always get 15 rifle skill.
  • Last, buy an AAA gun.

After this you may want to build some structures such as a pillbox or a bunker or do what you like.

To be honest, you don't have to do it in this order, you could immediately buy the .50 cal and a Sniper or any other way you like. The Medic makes a great crate fetcher, the Officer gets rid of flankers, the Tank blows things up, the Sniper takes care of invisible enemies, Sarge is there to kick butt, the Fifty Cal is a great machine gun and Brandenburg destroyer and the AAA is for shooting down planes. Simples. This strat is more fun than a fortified strategy and will possibly get you past Wave 100.

My first strat that got me past wave 100

I still use this strat occasionally and is rather easy to set up. It works on Hasty Defense (with some luck) or Close Protection. As this is very simple, it is ideal for a beginner level strat.

  • To start off, buy an engineer and build a bunker to the left hand side of the battlefield. Place 2 Gunners in it and reinforce the bunker with a trench and sandbags.
  • Next build a Camnet over the bunker and build a mortar pit to the right hand side of the bunker and place a camnet over that. Buy a Scout, Signaller, a soldier, a SpecOps and 2 Snipers and place them all in the mortar pit with the Engineer. Place a trench behind the mortar pit and put 4 bazookas in it.
  • Lastly, build a pillbox to the right hand side of the mortar pit and build trench in front of it. Place camnet over the pillbox and place a Radar station and an antenna inside it. Buy Sarge and place an officer next to him along with a Frenchie to be (optionally) raised for sabotage.

Make sure you do not place ANY of your units or structures over the half way line as there is a chance that your artillery may land on your men and kill someone valuable. Also, keep an eye out for enemy infiltrators and snipers as they can pop up when you least expect them and kill valuable men.

When everything has been set up you can buy a tank and a Halftrack and upgrade it with whatever you like and basically do whatever you want. If you see a Tiger Tank call artillery as quickly as possible as it takes ages for bazookas to destroy them. You may find it useful to have 2 medics (in case one gets disabled) and if you want you can fill the pillbox with emergency SpecOps if you are being overrun.

The setup should look like this:

Std structure bunker.gif Std structure mortarpit extra.gif Std structure pillbox.gif

Some tips to help keep soldiers alive for longer

  • Regardless of rank or specialty, give them all medical attention as quickly as possible.
  • Don't treat them as 'expendable' as that's just mean and will make him die easily.
  • Don't send them out to get crates while grenades are being thrown.
  • No matter how high ranking they are, don't assume one soldier is less susceptible to injury than another as this may cost you a valuable guy.
  • Strategically place soldiers where the least amount of damage can happen and out of grenade range.

Enemies and how they fight

Here come the bad guys!

The sole purpose of every enemy is to destroy you, and I shall list every enemy and tell you how to kill it/deal with it.

Frenchie's Arch-NemesisVolkssturm.The Volkssturm is the easiest enemy to kill because of their unwillingness to fight,low rifle skill and very low morale which helps them run away if shot at. However, they can be dangerous in CQC as I once sent Sarge on one and he gave Sarge a good whack.Their blitz is like sending loads of Frenchies and it is basically 5 free TP if your men are ready for a fight.

Average JerryWehrmacht.A common enemy next to the (annoying) Panzergrenadier, he is a GI in German form, their shooting skill is low, they are easy to kill and are average in CQC. They have a blitz that can be annihilated by a trigger happy gunner with lots of exp.

Jerry McBombPanzergrenadier.The commonest enemy in the game, the threat from them is that in large numbers, they will throw a lot of grenades at you. Their shooting ability is the same as a Wehrmacht and they are OK in CQC. They spawn in larger numbers when the game says: 'Germans changed their tactics!' and in a 'Panzergrenadier Company Blitz' that also has a Panzer IV sent with them. I fear them only because of their grenades.

Mr Crazy12 SS Panzer.These yellow dudes are quite new to the game and their semi-automatic rifle is good at pinning your soldiers while they are hard to pin because of their high morale. NEVER engage them in CQC as they will almost certainly kill the soldier foolish enough to fight him. I have discovered that they can be set on fire quite easily (Muhahahahaha) and there is no Blitz for them.

Jerry SniperGerman sniper.An enemy to be prepared for because late in the game their rifle skill is lethal and only your snipers and scouts can see them until they fire, then they are visible to everyone. It is rare to see them early in the game but if you do save a picture. Luckily they are a high priority target to your men. UNLUCKILY they have blitz that will annihilate everyone if you don't react quickly and with caution. I fear this unit because he goes for your high ranking soldiers and can lower morale beyond repair.

Nasty PratrooperGerman Paratrooper.These guys are dropped from the air and land randomly on the screen. When they land they are vulnerable for a few seconds giving your men a chance to kill him before he can fight. Their weapon can be deadly especially if you have recieved a Paratrooper Blitz. A gunner should be able to handle them if he is high ranking and in a bunker.

Radio Baddy1st SS Leibstandarte.Distinguished from other enemies by their large bag and radio, they can be deadly at short range and can call support on your position and tell his mates back at HQ what your defences are. They can cause serious problems if you have cam nets as they render them ineffective and they are a low priority target. However, they have no Blitz so breathe a very deep sigh of relief.

Bad BuilderGerman engineer.An annoying unit, their machine gun is quite accurate and they are good at pinning your men. They can also place TNT charges to destroy your structures and they can defuse your mines and TNT. You can stop them defusing your bombs by boobytrapping them so they explode if he tries to defuse it. Make sure you kill him before he has a chance to blow up your structures or pay the price. He has no Blitz, luckily. I slighly fear him but normally concentrate fire on him before he can do much damage.

Mr SpeedyWaffen SS.Although they are not common, they often appear late in the game, attempting to race through your lines and pumping sub-machine gun fire into your valuable troops. Their Blitz can be a problem if you have not got serious antipersonnel units. Most of your units go for him as he is a high priority target, but if you have gunners and snipers they should be able to quickly deal with them.

Mr SidewaysBrandenburger.One of the most annoying and deadly Germans there are, spawning at the sides of the screen. Their weapon is often lethal at close range and a Brandenburg Blitz wave is one of my worst nightmares as it will instantly pin and kill exposed troops. I suggest you have plenty of experienced gunners if you want to survive this Blitz From Hell. I have lost lots of troops at the hands of these guys and I resent their presence.

Lazy GunnerMG42.Their job is to set up a position and pin your soldiers down with seemingly endless fire and can cause problems if your men are vulnerable to pinning. You can also get them off a motorbike if you kill the driver, he will get off and advance instead of shooting.

Mr SneakyBrandenburg InfiltratorThese new terrors will try to sneak past your defences undetected as they are invisible until they're spotted, he will then shoot at his spotter with his Luger. They are visible to snipers all the time and scouts see them within 200pxls. Their shots can be fatal but what makes them worse is that they have a KNIFE that they use to quickly kill in CQC. They even have a Blitz, which will say 'Hey here's 5TP, yup no worries just take them!!' it IS a worry as your flanker count can soar if you don't have any units that are able to see them, and more flankers=more unfair events. An experienced sniper will have no trouble beating them at their own game, though.

Jerry SkipperGerman Officer.He poses no threat to your units combat wise, but can call more Germans onto the field giving you no TP. He is not very common and is also a high priority target to your units because of his high rank.

Nasty BBQ ManGerman Flamethrower.Armed with a flamethrower he likes to set things on fire, especially allied soldiers. He can only get to your men at close range. They spawn in large nmbers in a 'Special Weapons Blitz'. If a soldier is near him, move him out of the way IMMEDIATELY or have your soldier burnt to ashes.

Bad ZookPanzershrek.He is capable of reducing your vehicles to smouldering wrecks and is OK at killing soldiers and bunkers. He is useless in CQC and is a Medium priority target. He spawns in large numbers in a 'Special Weapons Blitz'.

Jerry MortarGerman Mortar.He also doesn't advance, instead he sets up a position and launches a never ending (and inaccurate) barrage that can cause a big problem if he isn't dealt with quickly. Once deployed, he is easy to kill in CQC.

Argh! A Zombie!Zombie.This is a zombie, they only very rarely appear on Halloween so don't worry about them. If you do encounter them on Halloween, use LOTS of bullets and they can be gibbed by anything except grenades. If you kill 20 of them you get the Halloween Ribbon. Remember that you CANNOT concentrate fire on them, so be careful. Also, NEVER let them in your bunkers, you know why.

Enemy vehicles and what they're like

Annoying little thing Goliath. This little terror races through your lines very quickly trying to destroy your men. Either get your men out of the way or Concentrate fire on it as it is very dangerous.

Std unit axis sdkfz222.gif Sd. Kfz. 222. This annoying piece of metal comes from the side and tries to cause havoc then escape. Concentrate fire on it quick as the shots are very accurate and can kill.

A CarKubelwagen.It is the same as a Jeep and will use it's inaccurate machine gun to pin your troops. It is very vulnerable, a direct hit from a grenade will destroy it, or you can shoot the men out. It appears more frequently in a 'Panzerkampfwagen Blitz'.

Nasty HalftrackSdKfz.Basically an armoured Opel Blitzwagen, it is very slow and vulnerable to bombs and bullets. The men riding it can all be shot out except the driver. The gunner is the only one riding it that can shoot at your men and it has less troops than the Blitzwagen. A direct hit by any bomb can destroy it.

Anyone Seen Me Before?FlaK 38. This is a bit like a Flak Panzer as it fires the same type of rounds. It is easier to kill the men off it rather than blow it up as bazooka round often miss. Be careful as it fires pretty fast and is very dangerous to soldiers.

Catch That Bike!Zundapp KS750.The fastest unit in the game, it tries to race through your lines and increase your flanker count. You can kill both men on it and a direct hit from a grenade can destroy it. It poses no combat threat and also appears in a Total Blitzkrieg Wave and a Combined Arms Blitz Wave.

A People CarrierOpel Blitzwagen.It can carry 8 enemies and unload them near your defences, but is rather vulnerable as it is quite slow. If you kill the driver it will stop and the men will get out anyway. Direct hits with bombs will make short work of it.

Scary AT GunPAK-38.They spawn quite frequntly and are very annoying but innacurate. It can be quickly blown up by a grenade and the men on it can be shot off. They can destroy your bunkers so watch out.

Rubbish HowitzerNebelwerfer.This unit drives onto the battle field and tries to launch 6 rockets onto your buildings and troops, causing chaos if not dealt with quickly. It takes ages to reload and fire, so your soldiers should be able to kill the men off or blow it up before it gets a chance to attack.

Infantry ShredderFlak Panzer.This means one thing to soldiers, quick death. The reason being that it fires flak shells that seem to be like lots of grenades. The gunner can't be shot out, so you will have to use at LEAST a bazooka round to kill it.

Nasty PanzerPanzer IV.This tank comes with a machine gun and panzergrenadiers in a Panzergrenadier Company Blitz Wave and spawns often past wave 50. The main gun is quite inaccurate and it sometimes blows itself up. Use anything from bazooka rounds or bigger bombs to kill it.

Bad TigerTiger Tank.The second worst enemy unit, the gunner fires constantly at your troops and the main cannon will occasionally add to the attack. They can destroy your bunkers and vehicles, but they don't often appear until past wave 50.

Quick! Hide in the pillbox!Wespe.This the worst enemy in the game, it rolls onto the battlefield and unloads lots of artillery nonstop at your position. You must use bazooka rounds or bigger to destroy it. Luckily its specialty is 'Indirect fire' making it inaccurate and giving you a chance to kill it without suffering utter destruction.

Structures and what to do with them

TV AerialAntenna.The radio antenna is a bargain for what it does. It helps your Siggy to call support quicker. It is easily destroyed, so put it at the back of your defences. It costs just 1TP.

Sandbag wallSandbag Wall.The cheapest defensive structure you can get, you should use them to fortify your trenches and weak structures. It is easily blown to pieces, however. When I was new to the game I was obsessed with these.

Spiky fenceBarbed Wire.This can be used to slow and hurt advancing soldiers and catch infiltrators. It costs 1TP and is very fragile.

Don't step on theseLandmines.Place mines if you want to surprise unsuspecting Germans. If you booby trap them they can't be defused. 3 mines for 1TP is a bargain.

TrenchTrench.The cheapest indestructible structure you can buy. It slightly protects against bullets and explosions. Up to 4 soldiers can squeeze into it. It costs 2TP.

A bombTNT. You can detonate it whenever you please, to stop enemy Assualt Pioneers from defusing it, booby-trap it. Costs 2TP.

Satellite DishRadar. A very useful structure as it can detect V1's and aeroplanes. It is a bargain at 3TP but it is very fragile so place it at the back of your defences. Costs 3TP.

Muddy WallPalisade. Use this to block the line of sight and surprise any unsuspecting Germans. It can be destroyed but it is kind of cheap. Costs 3TP.

A holeMortar pit. Basically a big trench that helps mortars fire faster. It is also indestructible. About 6-8 men can get in it. Costs 4TP.

Box with holesBunker. The most protective structure soldiers can fire out of, gunners are very effective in a bunker. It can be destroyed by even a bazooka round from the Germans. Costs 5TP.

A TentField HQ. It offers NO protection but it can give you TP but if it's destroyed you will lose the TP generated. It is very fragile so keep it protected. Costs 5TP.

Fishing NetCam net. A very useful thing as you can put men under it without breaking the 6 man rule. It is very fragile so keep it protected. It is rather expensive at 5TP.

Bomb ShelterPillbox. The most indestructible thing you can get. It offers 100% protection from bombs but NOT V1's and Flamethrowers. Put injured soldiers in it so medics can heal him in peace. It costs 5TP and you can only have one so place it wisely.
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