Infantry Specialist Ribbon

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Infantry Specialist Ribbon
Infantry Specialist Ribbon.png
Issued when less than 1000 men have been deployed when you begin your 51st mission.
Concentrate fire timer is reduced to 30 seconds
Real Life Medal?

The leadership of a good commander can change the tide of battle. Rather than turning to large squad tactics, they turn to small squad tactics, the view of the game. Consequentially, each soldier gains more special abilities with higher exp than they would fighting in a 90-man-group.

To reward the commanders who can effectively carry out the mission of the game, the U.S. Army will train each officer to better prepare his men with a reduced Concentrate Fire timer.

A ribbon of medium difficulty, but has a great reward. The Concentrate Fire timer is reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. To get it you must only deploy an average of less than 20 soldiers per mission.

Unlike other some Game specific Ribbons, you MUST play 51 games to achieve this. This Ribbon works great in conjunction with the Westpoint Commendation Ribbon, as this ribbon only affects Officers.

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