I Like Pie Ribbon

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I Like Pie Ribbon
I Like Pie Ribbon.png
Eat 200 freshly baked McDonald's Apple Pies while playing MnB.
Further games of MnB will make you no longer crave apple pie; a lot of people calling your bluff.
Real Life Medal?

Yes, the ribbon is legit and in the .sol file coding. Honestly, you need not eat the Apple pies, people say you get the ribbon in a random crate. The wiki staff has enough proof (including a staff member with the ribbon) to show that it is legitimate.

Here's the proof for the ribbon:

<youtube v="BwETHhzto9A" />

When opened, the crate will have no message, and the ribbon will pop up on screen.

Unfortunately, this rare ribbon has no currently known tactical award.

The in-game description of the ribbon reads as: ""I love pie ribbon!! Print your profile and go to the closest participating McDonald's and try to get a free pie. We know it worked once or twice!!""

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