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See also: List of user badges
See also: Badge list.


How to make a badge

This user can make badges! Very happy.gif

Badges are those cool things you see on users' main and talk pages, they are customizable boxes and here I will tell you how to make one.

Step 1

Go to the search bar and type in Template:(whatever you want). It is important that you enter it into the template namespace, otherwise it won't work properly.

Click the red 'Create page' link on the resulting page. ( Currently disabled for user's )

Step 2

Copy paste this template (you can find it here, as well as more technical details on it):

{{badge|background color|text color|what you want it to say|picture}}

Step 3

Now add what the background color you want. Putting in names like Red or Blue works, but for a more indepth list of colors go to this link [1].

To use a color from that list copy paste the number from the 'Hex Triplet' column, next to the color's name. For example army green's number is: #4B5320.

Do the same for the text color.

Step 4

Now add what you want your badge to say. It comes automatically prefixed by 'This user', so you just need to do the rest.

Step 5.

Now you need to add a picture to it. You can find a picture on the wiki and click on it, which will take you to the page and give you the file name, or you can search the file list for the one that you want. Remember just to put in the filename- no [[brackets]], so it should look like this:

File:std_unit_allied_specops_idle.gif (which becomes Std unit allied specops idle.gif)

Now click preview and it should all work! To make it more accessible to other users, give a brief explanation of what it does and paste the syntax that they need to enter into a page to use it, like this:

This template will place the above badge into your user space. The syntax is below:


After that you can add your badge to your user page by using the brackets around the badges name like this:

{{your badges name}}

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