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The official Rules of the Wiki can be found here.

Major Offenses

These will result in strong action, including blocking of account creation and removal of editing privileges

  • Vandalism: Perhaps the worst and most general offense. It includes, blanking pages unnecessarily, adding inappropriate words in pages, and ruining another editors work. Excessive vandalism can result in the page or even the wiki going on "lockdown", where every page is protected against editing by standard users.
  • Spamming: Putting too many links to external sites on a page. Makes clutter that is just plain ugly
  • Malicious Links: Putting external links to malicious sites that do nasty things to the browser or computer.
  • Flaming: Don't upset people unnecessarily, or your privileges might be suspended
  • Making Inappropriate pages and/or adding inappropriate content to pages: It's very wrong and malicious and will land you with a ban
  • Upsetting NCOs/Officers: Oh yeah, this is when the caca hits the fan.These guys are respected editors/forum moderators and will make sure you receive punishment. Hard.

Minor Offenses

These are not major and will not cause you to be banned, but you might lose privileges or opportunities if you repeatedly make these

  • Accidental ruining of a page: This is usually not complete blanking and results in apologies from the person who did it
  • Making pages with inappropriate names: User pages should be kept under the [[User:Example/example]] format unless they are redirects. Usually, this can be fixed by moving the page, but not always
  • Disrespecting: All editors should be respected, regardless of rank or number of contributions.
  • Not signing talk pages: Always sign these, they let us know who's talking; and, yes, we will know who did it, if you thought you could get away with an "anonymous" edit
  • Signing main pages: you just shouldn't do this, it's annoying.
  • Spreading false information: we mean the stuff that you know has not been confirmed or is confirmed false and you spread as true.
  • Making "wrong" links: Things like misspellings should be fixed before saving your edit
  • Not using the "preview" button: It's here for a reason, people!
  • Excessive Cursing: Cursing is ugly in general, but can be used, along with asterisks to hide things, in very minimal quantities. Otherwise, it is nasty and is usually taken as flaming.
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