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This is the page with information on how to be promoted to a higher-privilege user group.


Promotion to Trusted User

Trusted users have all the rights of normal registered and autoconfirmed users (they can edit, move, and discuss pages) with the additional 2 rights to upload images and create new pages. Promotion to Trusted Users can be given by any Officer or Admin, and is generally given to a solid, productive contributor. Users given this rank are not asked to undertake any significantly greater level of responsibility, aside from making sure their edits are productive to the wiki as a whole. Generally, the tacit assumption made is that the user will use their new rights to generate content when there is a need for it. With the explosion of activity surrounding Recon, there may be some new promotions to this rank to help generate more content. Immaturity, pointless/repetitive edit spamming, and unproductive contributions all hurt one's chances of promotion. On the other hand, productive edits, thorough research, and attention to detail will increase the probability of promotion.

Promotion to NCO

NCOs are the backbone of the moderator staff on the wiki. They retain all the rights of trusted users plus the ability to protect/unprotect pages, edit protected pages, and roll back vandalism. In their moderator role they can welcome new users and warn users when they commit rule infractions. Promotion to NCO rank is limited, and only a handful ever exist at one given time. Candidates are usually nominated/sponsored by a current officer and pitched to the admins. If the promotion goes through, there is usually a 30-day 'probationary period' used to validate the usefulness of an NCO. Promotion to NCO generally stems from users who have gone above and beyond the call of duty with their wiki contributions, and have proven their dedication through editing, discussion, and assistance with vandalism. At the current moment, there are no open positions for new NCO's to be promoted, and it is unlikely that new positions will open in the near future.

Promotion to Officer

Officers are the elites of the wiki staff, who exercise all the rights of NCO's and additionally can delete/undelete pages, ban users, and function as authorities on wiki decisions. Promotion to officer is a lengthy process since there is no nomination process. Generally, NCO's who have proven themselves in anti-vandalism tasks stand out for promotion to Officer, but there is no clear way to earn this rank. Currently, there are no vacant officer positions and there are not likely to be any in the near future with the wiki being locked down.

Promotion to Admin

Administrators exercise complete control over nearly every aspect of the wiki, and are promoted more based on their technical expertise and experience rather than their contributions to the wiki. There are no vacant admin positions currently, and there are unlikely to be any open in the near future.

And Beyond!

Purely for the sake of completeness, there are a few positions which exceed even that of the admin either in terms of their technical functions or their responsibilities. Firstly, there is the Bureaucrat position whose sole right is the ability to add and remove administrators of the wiki, and is currently held solely by Urbanprophet and is impossible to be promoted to. Additionally, there is the Check User rank, which allows certain high-ranking users the ability to combat vandalism by viewing the IP of user accounts (if, say, multiple accounts are suspected to originate from the same user). Finally, there is the non-technical rank of Wiki Manager, which is handed out by Urb to a member of the Mud and Blood community who steps up to oversee all affairs on the wiki, and have a final say in any non-technical decisions affecting the wiki.

However, it is important to realize that even if you do not carry a ranked position on this wiki, your input and edits are still as valuable and valid as any others, and you should feel free to contribute where you can. That said, guidance from a staff member generally tries to point you in the right direction, and you should regard it to produce the most productive, useful edits.

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