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Editor level required: Beginner

Near the bottom of the editing window is a minor edit check box. This box is useful for editors who view recent changes or history logs for pages, as it signifies whether the edit made is a "major edit", one which modifies the content of a page, or a "minor edit", one that only fixes spelling, mechanical, or grammatical errors, changes formatting, etc. A good rule of thumb for deciding whether or not to check this box is to ask yourself if you have changed the meaning of that which is presented, rather than the appearance. Another thing one might want to ask himself or herself is, "Could this edit be disputed?" Some helpful examples are listed below.

When to check the box

  • Spelling and grammatical corrections
  • Simple formatting (examples: capitalization, punctuation)
  • Formatting that does not change the meaning of the page (examples: moving a picture, splitting one paragraph into two)
  • Obvious factual errors
  • Fixing layout errors
  • Adding or correcting wikilinks, or fixing broken references already present in the article
  • Removing vandalism and graffiti
  • When adding templates to a page

When not to check the box

  • Creating a new content page (i.e. not redirects, short talk pages)
  • Adding or removing content in a page
  • Adding or removing tags or other templates in a page
  • Adding comments to a talk page

Other tips

Remember that some people choose to hide minor edits, so incorrectly marking a major edit as minor may result in the edit being overlooked. This is especially relevant for talk pages, in which people watching the pages may not know that a comment was added if they are hiding minor edits. If you aren't sure whether your edit is major or minor, leave the box empty. It is better for an editor to have to go through a couple of minor edits when they want to look as just major edits than for them to have to hunt through minor edits to find major ones. If you accidentally marked a major edit as a minor edit, it may be worthwhile to make another edit. In the edit summary, explain that your previous edit was, in fact, a major edit. Marking a major edit as minor is considered by some to be poor etiquette, but it is not a major offense. Just try to be aware of the conventions of the Wiki and do your best to help the community work together.

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