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Editor level required: Advanced

Here is the Advanced Editing Area. Here you will find some new functions not listed on the Basic Editing page. It will also have tips and tricks for those who are devoted.



Explanation Function

Explanation Function: Mouse over the underlined text!"

The syntax is as follows:

<span class="explain" title="example text">Example word</span>

The text in the " " after "title=", is the text you see when it's moused over, and the text in the "> <" is the word or words that are underlined.

Syntax function

Used to show syntax, it makes a dashed box around your text and resets the text's font to the kind you use when editing.

like this

All you have to do is merely put a space before your text. Warning! The function does not add automatic line re-starting, like the normal thing, it would make one loooooooong line of text.

Color Function

This peps up a page by using colors in the text, but is rather complicated, so it's rarely used outside of signatures

Syntax below:

<span style="color: example color (red, green, blue, magenta)">example word</span>
One in cyan would be this: <span style="color: cyan">example word</span>
And this: example word

Links work the same way, like this Noob in MNB, but they require a syntax like this always:

[[actual page name|<span style="color: choose yours!">actual name OR desired name</span>]]

More functions are to come soon!


Hey, this is something I might as well bring up here, because senior editors do care about vandals. If you find a vandal, make sure to remove his vandalism in the page and then report him to an officer, like Riderx. Don't let vandals escape!


These are by far the most confusing aspect of any feature listed here. Tables start (and end) like this: {|(start) |}(end). You use a | to make new content right of the past content and a |- to start a new "line". You can format tables using HTML markup. Here is a basic table

Apples Oranges Bananas Pears
Peaches Grapes kiwi POTATAO!

Hints and Tips

By now, you are probably a respected editor, as any editor should be!, and you have probably at least thought about doing some rather "out of the box" things. These tips will help you

  1. Use the "ignore wiki formatting" function when building help pages, it's the simplest way to show syntax
  2. Templates are rather nasty to edit. Get an expert like TripleU or Bersimon to help
  3. If you need a pic for the totally EPIC page you're going to make, post the request in the maintenance portal if you are autoconfirmed, or in the talk page of the maintenance portal if you are not an autoconfirmed user.

To Infinity and Beyond

What, you want more?! Then you're beyond our help. Head off to MediaWiki's website, which is the software this wiki is running on, and check out their complete help pages. There you can learn such stuff as vertical alignment of images and how to create a pre-made template for new articles.

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