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Soldier with full health.‎
NameHealth Stat.
Applied when:When a soldier gets hurt.
EffectsDecides the amount of pain a soldier can take before dying.
DescriptionHealth is the most primary stat for any soldier, vehicle, or asset on the battlefield. It determines how much punishment that unit can take before death comes for a visit.

A standard soldier has 100 Health, while vehicles and assets have anywhere from 200-1000 health.

A soldier with 10 or less health will be considered disabled and cannot function until healed back to 11 HP by a medical unit. You cannot give heroism to a disabled soldier.

A tip says
A soldier with 0 or less health is dead and gone

Yes, this is very true. A soldier with 0 or less health cannot be given heroism or healed.

Fun Facts

  • Sarge is the only non-vehicle unit that deploys with over 100 Health- he deploys with 125!
  • Frenchies are the opposite of Sarge, and are the only units to deploy with less then 100 Health- 75 to be exact, until the Legion d'Honor Medal is earned, after which the Frenchy will deploy with the normal 100 health.
  • If you find Armor Plates in a supply crate, all your vehicles will gain a bonus 100 health, even if it's over their maximum!
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