Healing Kit

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Healing Kit
Std cursor medkit.png
Allows chosen unit to heal 25 health points.
Gives a paratrooper medical capabilities for a limited time.

This kit allows a single paratrooper to act as medic for a limited amount of time. The user is able to heal himself and those around him, including disabled units, for a total of 25 HP before another one has to be bought. A red cross in his portrait indicates the status of the kit: the more transparent, the more it is used up. Also, when you give a para soldier this, the words Hold on private, you're gonna be OK can be heard

Although, compared to a medic, the healing kit is quite inefficient, it can nevertheless be the deciding factor in saving a soldier's life. During paratrooper challenge, this kit and Heroism are the only ways of regaining health.

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