Hasty Defense

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Hasty Defense
Xx deploy hastydefense.gif
Rank Required:
You deploy with a random 4 man squad: anything from 4 Frenchies to 4 SpecOps
"Hasty Defense. Start with a random squad. Must be Captain to use this option."
— Official game quote



The one of the earliest start options unlocked. This is also probably the worst deployment option, as, though you may get a super squad, you could also get a suicide squad. This makes planning strategies impossible, and it is generally a test of your skill to work with what you've got. However, this mode can be OK if you have the Westpoint Commendation, as you can just retreat those troops that you don't want.

What Is It Like?

Random! You can never tell what will happen when you click the button. Mostly you'll start with troops that cost around 12tp, but getting 4 frenchies or SpecOps isn't entirely impossible either.


There are no predetermined strategies, so it is a test of your intrinsic tactical skill to work out strategies with what you've got.


13 TP worth, better than average
9 TP worth, okay start
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