Halloween Ribbon

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Halloween Ribbon
Std ribbon halloween.gif
Kill 20 zombies.
You get a free heroism for your Nazi-Zombie killing skills.
Real Life Medal?

On Halloween, a seemingly regular fall day for many, some MnB commanders shall partake in one of the most secretive and well-paid missions of the year, aside from gibbing Santa. Those with modern-day skills (and a bit of luck) will be able to fight against perhaps the greatest and most evil technological invention of the Nazis:


Zombies are known to be extremely hard to kill, and only a few brave (and lucky!) commanders shall be able to rekill enough of these horrible creatures and silence them once again.

The U.S. Military is willing to handsomely reward these er, "zombie killers" with a free Heroism every game. There are very few strategies currently which are effective, but the value of 4 TP is enough to drive commanders to try to get it. It is one of most useful ribbons and great with Westpoint Commendation because you can heroism your officer to 200 health right away.

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