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Allied Unit
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Starting equipment:
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
100 5-25 0 5-25 10px/s
A Machine Gunner carrying a large deployable machine gun. Switches targets while firing (more often at 20+ exp); has increased accuracy when deployed; suffers no penalty in bunkers; gets accuracy and damage boosted in bunkers.

See also: MG-42 Gunner

Allied Unit

The Gunner is a squad support and suppressive unit equipped with a medium .30 Browning Machine Gun. When this unit is not moving, his weapon will automatically be deployed on a bipod. While deployed, the Gunners' accuracy and aggressiveness are boosted, making them much more efficient killers. Even if a gunner has low stats, he can still be useful by pinning down enemy units with his automatic fire. When at 100 exp, the gunner is the most effective unit at anti-infantry. A gunner's primary use is to pin soldiers and at higher ranks will swap targets to suppress more enemies. This ability to effectively pin enemies is very valuable as your more dedicated killers will be able to kill the slowed assault much easier, while improving your squads survivability as pinned enemies fire much less. However, late game his ability to kill will be just as good and can provide the brunt of your defensive force. This unit will increase its rate of fire in a Bunker.

A tip says
Gunners are most effective when placed in a bunker
A gunner rocking and rolling in a bunker


  • Gunners are the only units besides mortars with a deployed state and an undeployed state.
  • Gunners are actually better in bunkers, which give them accuracy and damage boosts.
  • Gunners are the most framed units in the game. Their frames are: ((Busy)) ((Deployed busy)) ((Aim)) ((Deployed aim)) ((Shoot)) ((Deployed Shoot)) ((CQC)) ((Fall Back)) ((Disabled))
  • Our gunner appears to use a bipod, indicating the gun in-game is being used as a light machine gun.
  • Because of their high damage and rate of fire, a gunner with high rifle skill (for example, with Ranger Training) can get kills quickly enough to level up faster than any other unit. Once a gunner has 100 exp and 100+ rifle skill, he is capable of decimating large waves of infantry before the Germans can even return fire. It is also noted that they can kill Germans in CQC, but only if the gunner had already targeted the German.
  • Gunners with low morale or rifle sometimes don't even fire for certain periods of time, ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes but, after the period of time, the gunner kicks *** for a while and then goes back to normal
  • A high exp gunner is extremely useful when attempting to get the Guerrilla Warfare Award, as the ability to fire before the germans can and pin them while doing so is vital in the later levels where enemy accuracy improves.
  • Gunners appear to be able to destroy soft-skinned vehicles, provided you give them enough time.

Real Life

The gunner in American units' job was to provide cover. They often stayed behind the lines and fired over the heads of advancing troops. They were also often used in defensive lines to stop massive enemy infantry attacks. Usually, gunners were in team of 2-4, consisting of a gunner, assisting gunner who fed the ammo belt to the gun and 2 ammunition carriers. They were not very mobile as the machinegun was too heavy to be moved quickly, so during assaults the BAR was much more effective for Suppressive Fire in the frontline.

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