Grenade Spam

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Grenade spam, don't be in front of the grenadier
NameGrenade Spam.
Applied when:A grenadier has high exp
EffectsSends a stream of grenades at a target
DescriptionGrenade spam is when a unit throws a lot of grenades in a very short amount of time.

SpecOps were notorious for it, but got Nerfed.

A 100 XP Scout will still throw 10 grenades in 5 seconds, but accuracy is decreased. The effect can be horrific for the Germans, imagine a super accurate CAS. Unfortunately, the Panzergrenadier can grenade spam you as well, although the grenades will only land on a vertical line. Grenade spam can also be seen with rifle grenades when using spec ops and scouts but in smaller numbers usually 2-3.

Another way to produce this effect is to get multiple SpecOps on the field at one time, particularly when supplemented by an Officer.
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