Goliath Blitz

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Goliath Blitz Wave
Unknown amount of Goliath mines
Large amount of Goliath RC mines storm the field and try to destroy your front defences.

A group of Goliath mine drones (about 5-7 of them) storm the field and try to destroy your frontal defences. Destructive against defences with men on top-half of the field. Best bet is to stay at bottom part or have heavy amount of gunners/Fiftys and pray that they destroy them in time.

The Goliath will attempt to destroy bunkers and frontal defenses with extreme prejudice, when they appear to slow down, move units out of the way as speed reduction is a precursor to explosion, the best bet to deal with this blitz is to use a minefield and be aware of dangers.

How Do I Deal With This?

As it is in most of the blitz, it is recommendable to have well disciplined gunners. They will do a good job in slowing down those RCs, since they become slow when they got shot or damaged by explosive weapons.

By decelerating them, you will have time to handle them. But beware, they explode when they are destroyed or encounter your soldier. This could be a serious problem if you don't have a bunker or pillbox. Yet, in other words, this blitz can be quite easy to cope with if you're fortified. They cannot harm your soldiers and defenses when your soldiers are protected by a bunker and the Goliath faces them unless they meet each other inside the bunker.

It is also a good idea to use a minefield. It can wipe out annoying RCs without being damaged, although it costs several additional TPs.

If you aren't prepared for any mentioned solutions, just move out your guys. It could be useless since this blitz spawns the moving mines with near perfect density, but at least it is better than doing nothing and facing the impending destiny..

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