Gewehr 43

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Axis Weapon
Gewehr 43
X weapon axis g43.gif
Weapon stats:
(mouseover the icons for explanation)
Maximum damage; the minimum is always 1 Effective firing range, in pixels (for reference, the game field is 400px wide by 600px tall) Firing rate, in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second); the less, the better Clip size Reload time, in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second); the less, the better; the unit's exp is deducted from this value, getting faster as it ranks up
? ? ? 10 ?
CQC (close quarter combat) bonus multiplier; the unit's rifle skill is multiplied by this value when firing at a distance of 100px or less Range malus; the unit's rifle skill is divided by this penalty when firing beyond the weapon's range AP (anti-personnel) explosion radius; area of the blast that damages all units, but deals reduced damage to vehicles AT (anti-tank) explosion radius; area of the blast that deals special damage to mechanical units Gib explosion radius; area of the blast that blows all organic units caught in it to pieces
? ? N/A N/A N/A
Semi-auto firing.
Makes the user a pretty important target.
German semi auto rifle, used by the 12th SS troops, very accurate.

Only used by the 12 SS. This weapon was designed to replace the KAR 98. It is very accurate, semi automatic, and deadly. It can one hit kill your troops or get them below 10 health. This is the German equivalent of the M1 Carbine. All around it is very balanced.

Who uses this?

12 SS Panzer

Real Life

The Gewehr 43 had a very low production rate, only one Gewehr was made for every 50 U.S. M1 Garands.,only 400,000 were made, and the limitations were only 1 rifle per platoon (given to marksmen). Although it had good semi-auto, good accuracy, and good combat-effectiveness, it was not as reliable as American or Russian semi-automatic rifles. It was usually used by low-ranking German officers.

The Gewehr 41, its older brother, was designed by both Mauser and Walther, who had to follow certain regulations:

  • No holes for tapping gas for the loading mechanism were to be bored into the barrel.
  • The rifles were not to have any moving parts on the surface.
  • And in case the auto-loading mechanism failed, a bolt action was to be included (that is why there is a bolt on the gun).
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Side axis24.png
M1 Carbine
Gewehr 43
X weapon allied m1carbine.gif
X weapon axis g43.gif
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