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Hardened veterans from the Eastern front

This is the page that holds all the information on the dreaded enemy you have to face day and night, the Axis units. For all those who don't know, MNB2 is a WWII set game, you are fighting Germans.

There are four types of German ground troops: standard troops, special or SS, support and fire support, and officers.

Here is a list of what the Germans will say in-game:

German Phrase English Translation
Kompanie sammeln Gather the Company
Such dir ein eigenes Versteck Look for your own place to hide
Französische Bauerntöchter schießen besser French Farmer-daughters shoot better
Ja, lauft nur ihr feigen Schweine Yes, run away you gutless pigs
Stellungswechsel Change of positions
Hilfe Help
Angriff Attack
Alle Mann sammeln Gather all men
Feuer Shoot
Der Sieg ist unser Victory belongs to us
Sieg oder Tod Victory or death
Hervorragender Einsatz Outstanding commitment
Deutsche Verräter German traitor
S.S. ( self explained )
Gute Arbeit Good work
Nächstes mal besser vorbereiten Next time get prepared better
Ugh , Argh , Auwa... ha ha ha
Nein No
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