German Paratrooper

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Axis Unit
German Paratrooper
Std unit axis paratrooper idle.gif
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
100 random 10-60
Morale Speed Priority
1-100 10 px/s Medium
These elite German Paratroopers are nasty and can seriously harm your troops. They can come in a Paratrooper Blitz wave and wreak havoc from above. However, if they land on a tree they're dead, and their ropes take a while to untangle, leaving them vulnerable for a few seconds.
"These are German paratroopers also known as Fallschirmjäger. They are elite soldiers armed with the dreaded FG 42."
— Official game quote

German Paratroopers are pretty much just like the Allied Paratroopers, they can come in huge numbers on a para-blitz wave. They come equipped with the powerful FG-42. It is very accurate and will kill your men in 2-3 hits.

A warning will be displayed of a 'Plane sighted!' Be afraid and hope they land on trees because for these guys, as with all paratroopers landing on trees hurts them badly. Once on the ground they have a vulnerable 5-10 second frame where they are struggling out of their Parachute harness, which should be taken advantage of, by shooting them repeatedly until their death becomes a welcome reprieve. Two max-ranked gunners should eliminate all of them before they can get up.

If the map happens to resemble a forest, these guys shouldn't be a problem, as they will likely be damaged by falling into trees.

Your AAA is also threat for these guys as it can shoot down the plane that is carrying them.

Real life

Also known as a Fallschirmjäger these men served as the elite units of the German military and the German air force. Fallschirmjäger literally means in German 'paratrooper'. After Operation Mercury, Hitler refused to paradrop more Fallschirmjägers. Although the drops succeeded, the costs were too high, so most of them never stepped in a plane. A universal weapon was developed specifically for the paratroopers that could replace rifles, submachine guns and light machine guns but was also light enough to be carried during a jump. These efforts resulted in the FG 42 automatic rifle which combined the firepower of a machine gun with the lightweight handling characteristics of a standard infantry rifle. The FG 42 was built and deployed in small numbers from 1943 until the end of the war. Though an extremely advanced weapon, the design had some drawbacks. The lightweight frame was subject to considerable muzzle rise when in automatic fire and had to be fired prone to guarantee accuracy. This meant that the FG 42 was not entirely compatible with the more universal role it was supposed to play, as both LMG and assault rifle. The FG 42's advanced design also meant that the weapon could not be mass-produced in a cost efficient manner, and use of certain precious metals in the gun's construction placed it in competition with other wartime projects for increasingly scarce resources.

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