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Here you'll find what features the user interface has and how to use them. If you need more general information on how to play the game, please read the Overview instead.

While the game is mostly mouse-driven, there are numerous keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for using the menus (more on this below), and by pressing the space bar you can pause the game. When necessary, you can also use the tab key to cycle through objects on the screen, pressing enter to select one—useful for finding hidden units.

When you want to move a soldier and you cannot click on the destination—because it would desselect your unit—you can just click anywhere else, drag and release where you want him to go.

Soldier Interface

A basic stat screen for a soldier
A basic stat screen for a vehicle.


To find out an Allied Infantry's statistics, including health, rifle, exp, and morale, just hover over the troop and a translucent box will appear like the one on the left.


Vehicles are only slightly different. They do not have morale, so the health bar is down with the exp and rifle/gun skill. Vehicles have an image for their rank, but no special insignia designating specialty type. Instead, there is a profile view of the vehicle in the general location

Movement Interface


Click on an infantry unit and 3 red arrows will appear, showing where the soldier will move to.



Click on a vehicle, and no change will appear in the cursor until you designate the location.

How to use the game menu

What is the menu?

The menu is that drop down list on the side of the game play screen. It is a collection of semi-transparent yellow boxes with symbols on them.

Aside from clicking, you can access its items through keyboard shortcuts, also called hotkeys. When you pass your mouse over an item, its description will pop up and on it there will be a number or a letter between brackets, like this [1]. Each option currently in-game has a two-press hotkey, one for the category and one for the unit within the category (i.e. [1-w]). Here in the wiki, you can find this hotkey information in a gray area at the top right of the info boxes for individual units, orders, structures, etc.

Back Button Clicking the back button or pressing CTRL when you're in a sub-menu will return you to the root menu.

Pressing SHIFT (twice the first time, once thereafter) will entirely hide the menus from screen, so that you can see what was underneath them. Commands can still be issued with hot-keys while the boxes are hidden.

Tip: Learning the common hot-keys for units such as gunners, bazookas, bunkers, and camnets can prove very beneficial, especially when quickly replacing an item, and learning the command hot-keys can prove beneficial when needing to rapidly get a Concentrate Fire or Hold Fire.

The starting screen.

What the buttons do (from top to bottom):

Image Name Description
Std command 1unit 02regular.gif Call reinforcements This is where you buy Troops.
Std command 1unit 03officer.gif Command Decisions All of your Officer Orders.
Std command 3equipment 02thompson.gif Logistics orders You can buy your men better Weapons.
Std command 5structure 02antenna.gif Radio procedures Things your Signaler can do.
Std command 1unit 05engineer.gif Buildings Things your Engineer can build.
Std command 6options.gif Mute Turn off the sound.

Call reinforcements

Units you can buy.

The unit selection screen.

From the top to the bottom of the pic the units you can buy from this list are:

Command Decisions

These are all the cool things your Officers can do, and some cool things that don't even require an officer!

The officer command screen

Logistics Orders

With this part of the menu you can buy your men new and better weapons, and upgrade your half track.

The logistics screen

Half Track Upgrades

Radio Procedures

Things your Signaler can do, although some require an officer.

The radio command screen


Things your Engineer can build.

The structure selection screen.


Mute The mute button turns off all sound from the game, letting you listen to music and not the sound of the death of Germans.

User Profile

A profile screen

Your User Profile is the black screen that pops up when you click the "ops" button on your main page.
This page Shows you your


An XP bar screen.

The EXP bar shows how much XP you have, and how much it takes to get promoted. You earn XP by playing games, the longer the game lasts the more points you get.

The Exp bar is located under your characters face, it is the green bar.

Current Rank

The insignia under your character shows us what rank you are. Obtained by the accumulation of scores from each successive game. Some enable new deployment options.

Image XP Values Name Deployment Option Enabled
Rank8.gif 0 Second Lieutenant None
Rank9.gif 3 000 First Lieutenant None
Rank10.gif 6 000 Captain Hasty Defence
Rank11.gif 12 000 Major Close Protection
Rank12.gif 24 000 Lt. Colonel Special Operations
Rank13.gif 48 000 Colonel Proper Planning
Rank14.gif 100 000 Brigadier (1-Star) General Last Stand (50 TP)
Rank15.gif 200 000 Major (2-Star) General Last Stand (60 TP)
Rank16.gif 400 000 Lieutenant (3-Star) General Last Stand (70 TP)
Rank17.gif 800 000 (4-Star) General Last Stand (80 TP)
Rank18.gif 2 000 000 Mud and Blood (5-Star) General Last Stand (90 TP)

Deployment Options

Your deployment options let you decide how you want to deploy your men. For a more in depth look at deployment options click here.

Ribbons and Medals

An example of a Medal List

Your profile displays the ribbons you get in the large black empty space, Ribbons will go there once earned.
It also has a description bar that tells you what the medal is and how you got it.
To learn more about Ribbons and Medals click here.

Character Face

Your character's face.
Some look rather funny, the only way you can change it is to reset your profile.


Face1.png Face2.png Face3.png


Your username is whatever you want it to be. When you start a new profile you have to enter a name, you can do whatever you want, with some limitations...

  • You cannot use curses

Stats Panel

A fresh statistics screen
An actual statistics screen, not a fresh one!

A new addition in version 2.2.7 by popular demand, this statistics screen shows your whole career statistics. This is very useful for seeing what you need for your next ribbon, or just for some bragging rights.

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