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Introduction To The "Gallery"

Welcome, seasoned veterans and curious newcomers! This page is a gallery of various game screenshots, ~400 x 600, full-game shots. If you have a great screenie to upload, make a link to it so a Wiki Mod can access and upload it. ENJOY!


This is the comprehensive list of pictures, which should be organized based on time in game. It is meant to give newcomers an understanding of the game and visually represent it at different stages. Unlike strategies, these pics should focus on Axis unit frequency, etc.

No Text?

In order to format our page nicely, no text was included in the form of frames. Just hover your mouse over the pic to see some text!

The Gallery

This is the list. Go get 'em!

Starting Pics

Pics of the initial game screen. Make sure to add date! Difficulty Meter: Baby

Battle paused screen.png

Early Pics

Pics from wave 1-20. These pics can be used to show starts. Difficulty Meter: Easy as 3.14159265..., or pi

A typical wave 17, 4 PG's Last stand.png A BBQ party with not so many Germans Wave5hell.png

Moderately-Early Pics

Pics from waves 21-40. These pics show the difficulty picking up. Difficulty Meter: Easy

Opels and stuff start to trickle down Wow, this is going to end badly... A sniper at wave 21, wow! A Wehrmacht Blitz and the Germans change tactics, at the same time!

Middle Pics

Pics from waves 41-80. These pics can show a variety of new features like tanks Difficulty Meter: Medium

A mid game might start to have snipers... Brutal enough for you, Urb? A tank and Kubelwagen at wave 56, harsh... A Tiger at wave 50, and I had no bunker For wave 70, this is a bit much...

Moderate-Late Pics

Pics from waves 81-100. Pics showing harder game features Difficulty Meter: Hard

What happens when a Sarge and officer are both killed? A standard game screen at this time A wave 95 with 2 stacked PAK-38's My successful attempt at getting the GW medal...too bad for that V1 blitz at wave 105, though...

Final Assault Pics

I beg you! Please hunt those old pics from when there was a Final Assault Difficulty Meter: URB


Late Pics

Waves 101-150. Harsh. Difficulty Meter: Extreme

Went for GW and got it... Sadly, the Tiger put me out With a 76 exp officer and 2 NCO's dead, no blame for running away Two 100 xp Gunners and one 100 xp Sniper got me this far

Masterful Pics

For the few who have mastered the art of MnB, please add pics from waves 151+. Difficulty Meter: URB2

Epic oen.jpg Own.jpg Masterful1.jpg Wave 788.jpg


Here you can post those horribly unfair screen shots, from random arty rounds to V-1 blitzs.


3 Tanks with different specialties, to kick my butt A german flamer blew up infront of my bunker, 8 men dead The result of taunting... Wowwtf.png

The French Gallery

Post your pictures of frenchie goodness, anything from Gibs of French fries to french man last stand spamming!

Frenchie gib.png Runninaway.png True courage in the face of adversity.

Early version pics

post pics from early versions of MnB.


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