Gallantry Medal

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Gallantry Medal
Gallantry Medal.jpg
Save 25 Disabled Units from death by healing them with a medic.
Each subsequent time a disabled soldier is brought to 11+ health, you get one exp to everyone in your squad.
Real Life Medal?

"A good soldier never leaves a man behind!" - Toy Soldier, Toy Story

Some very kind and benevolent commanders will take it upon themselves to save every last soldier, even when they are disabled. Most of the time these heroes are unsung, and usually only respected by those who they have saved.

However, in MnB, the Red Cross is willing to award a very special prize to those commanders who will go the extra mile to save a life. If you show yourself worthy by healing 10 incapacitated soldiers, the Red Cross will award 1 exp to all your units each subsequent time this occurs, meaning that you actually get one Combat Leadership bonus for every soldier in your squad for free.

Fun Facts

  • Remember that when your grunts have 9, 19, 29.. exp, they cannot be promoted from the experience gained by keeping this medal under your belt.
  • This ribbon only counts a disabled soldier as 'resurrected' when his health gauge hits 11. What this means is that when a corpsman heals himself from 10 to 11, you CAN get 1 exp, even if he was not actually disabled, and if you save one disabled soldier from death and use heroism when his HP is 10, you CANNOT receive exp.
  • A Paratrooper with a Healing Kit reviving a disabled soldier gains exp even though they are not medics.

Real Life

The Medal for Gallantry is a military decoration used in the Australian Defence Force and a Civil Decoration in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth named the Queen's Gallantry Medal, which are both given in an act of bravery.

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