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Here is the page for all those funny Frenchie names, and what they mean (if they mean anything, that is).

Frenchie Name English Translation
Asterix Comic book hero
BelAmour The valentine fairy? / Beautiful love
Bibliotheque Library
Caca Poop
Defunaise Famous French humorist and actor
Dumarais Name meaning "From the swamp"
Dupont Thomson (or Thompson) from Tintin
Faitgaffe Watch out
Fromage Cheese
Froufrou Piece of tissue sometimes part of feminine clothing
Gotlib Famous French humoristic artist
Hadok Captain in the Tintin comic albums
Jacques Common name
Jevoi Could be a name, means "I see", lacks an s
Jmecasse I'm outta here
Lalalaire Singing (Said by kids when they have something the others don't have)
Leblanc Urb's last name
Louis Common name of the same roots as Ludovic
Ludovic Urb's first name
Mathieu Name and a French soccer player
Merde Sh*t
Meuf Chick
Michelin French name and tire manufacturer
Milou The dog from the Tintin comics
Oulala Uh-Oh
PainBaguette Isn't it obvious?
Pamblemousse Grapefruit
Parmesan A type of cheese
Philipe Common name
Piaf Bird
Piment Spice
Pioupe Name?
Pipi Pee
Ragnagnax Sound effect with an X at the end. Ragnagna is also french slang for period.
Ratatouille Stewed vegetable dish
Renaud Name
Rincoincoin Sound effect
Roucoucou A person from the district of Coucouron?(Is also a chicken sound effect)
Sisi Yesyes (Si also means "if" in French)
Tayeule Mispronounced "Ta gueule" (F*ck you)
Tintin Main character in The Adventures of Tintin (is a series of comic books)
Tournesol Sunflower,also the name of the scientist in Tintin
Tralala A set of nonsensical syllables used while humming a refrain
Troudu (Ass)Hole
Troupignon Ass(French-Canadian word)
Valiquette Name and a Canadian icehockey goalkeeper
Versaille With an "s" at the end it is the name of a famous castle and of a city
Xavier Urb's middle name
Yenamarre (I've)had enough
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