Flak Panzer

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Ico semiprotected.gif
Axis Unit
Flak Panzer
Std unit axis flakpanzer idle.gif
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
1000 1 0
Morale Speed Priority
N/A 10px/s N/A
A fearful unit which fires continuously at a large area around around its target, ensuring that anything within it gets shredded.
"This is a Flakpanzer IV. Its 20mm cannons can shred infantry to pieces."
— Official game quote

Really ugly in any way. For those who don't know what flak is, it is a fast firing anti-aircraft gun, the same as in the allied AAA .The shell explodes at a certain height and throws hundreds of chunks of shrapnel. Now the problem comes when the Germans point this at the ground. This thing becomes a horrible, devastating area weapon.

Its job is to use its 20mm flak cannon to shred any of your infantry that are not in a bunker or pillbox to pieces. It is devastating on infantry as well as doing heavy damage to vehicles especially when the crew dies.

When this tank comes on screen he starts shooting, so hope he goes for your bunker or your pillbox. If your bunker is in front of your cam nets the tank will aim for your bunker, which lets your anti tank force to kill the flakpanzer.

If you don't have a bunker, it's death on tracks, because the gunner can not be killed.

How do I kill it?

  1. Tanks can good strategy here since Flak rounds takes a long time to damage the Sherman Tank's 1000 HP, and Shermans can one-hit kill the Flak Panzer. Additionally, even if you don't want to destroy it with a tank it's a good idea to send it up there anyway to avoid the Flak Panzer targeting your infantry and destroying your camnets.
  2. Large explosives (bazooka rockets and up) can entirely destroy the tank.
  3. Grenades can kill the Tank if hit dead-center.

Real Life

A Flak Panzer IV Wirbelwind.

This is probably the Wirbelwind (Whirlwind) anti-aircraft gun. It is based on the Panzer IV tank and was developed as a response to the air superiority of the Allies. It was very effective against low flying aircraft and the rapid firing of the guns combined with the heavy armor made it also good against ground units. It mounted 2cm Flakvierlings. Approximately 100 of these were produced during WW2. The reason for such low numbers is because the Wirbelwind was still a prototype the end of 1944, it was not even tested. Then it started being produced around June of 1945. The turret was actually manned by a crew of three.

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