Flak 38

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Axis Unit
FlaK 38
Std unit axis flak38 idle.png
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp
? ? ?
Morale Speed Priority
N/A ? N/A
A towed AAA gun used by the Germans.
"This is a flak 38, if you watched Saving Private Ryan you know what it does"
— Official game quote

The FlaK 38 is a 20mm anti-aircraft gun used by the Germans. It is very dangerous early in the game (just as a Pak 38), because of its infantry-shredding 20mm flak shells and rather fast fire rate, which can even annihilate structures that lack proper reinforcement.

The Flak is very dangerous to Cam nets and units underneath them, and can shred any unit left in the open, a very good reason to try and draw fire towards your bunker. The best way for dealing with this is to shoot the crew off or use AT weapons to blow it up, it also leaves the wreckage of a Pak 38.

It will move up to its position, then settle down and unleash hell.

Flak 38's are very common in the early waves, and to see one before wave 30 isn't rare (although it would be painful).

How to kill it?

  1. Direct grenade hit can quickly kill it.
  2. Example experienced Spec Ops armed with BAR or other burst fire weapon can kill it quickly.
  3. Bazooka may be useful, as are other anti-tank units.

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