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Allied Unit
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Starting equipment:
1 crewman.
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
200 1-40 0 N/A N/A
This is an M2 Browning machine gun emplacement, capable of dealing up to 200 damage per shot and firing with no aiming delay. Its powerful rounds can also damage vehicles.

A fifty is short for .50 caliber stationary heavy machine gun, and you see why we just call it the fifty.

For the mere price of 6 TP, you can get an infantry shredder that can also damage, and even kill some vehicles. But power does not come without cost.

As the name implies, you can't move this thing, and explosives can wipe it out. Also, it is slow-firing compared to other machine-guns, and therefore cannot lay any suppressive fire. It also doesn't receive a fire rate bonus like a gunner when in a bunker.

The crewman on the Fifty can be shot off, rendering it useless.

Another unit equipped with the fifty is the jeep. It also costs 6 tactical points, but lacks the accuracy of the stationary fifty and is a larger target. However, it is a fast mover and draws fire more effectively from your other soldiers.

Fun Facts

  • It cannot move.
  • It has no aiming delay.
  • It is capable of destroying bikes, PAK-38's and Opel blitz wagens.
  • It is still used in modern warfare.
  • When destroyed a soldier similar to the Wehrmacht falls down.

Real Life

  • The game does not give this gun what it deserves. In real life it could fire 450-635rpm. In the game, it fires 100-150. It has an effective range of about 2000m with a max range of about 6700m. It is much more powerful in RL too.
  • M-2 .50 caliber Browning machine gun is also referred to a the Ma Deuce, meaning M-2.
  • The fifty has been in use since WWII.
  • The 50. cal Cartridge is inspired by the 13mm AT Cartridge from WW1 used by the Germans.
  • The prototype of this gun is M-1921, which was originally devised for fighters and too heavy since it applied water-cooling system. However, after deploy, Browning realized that air-cooling system would be much better. He improved M-1921, and M-2 is the result.
  • In Vietnam War, a sniper called Carlos Hathcock sniped an enemy with distance of 2250m with M-2. This shows that this gun is not only powerful, but quite accurate.
Real Fifty MG
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