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...and badass‎
EffectAllows a unit to not be afraid when entering battle
Example(s)12 SS Panzer, Sarge, Spec Ops, Paratrooper
DescriptionA fearless unit is a soldier who has an extremely high morale value when entering the battlefield. Fearless units are usually brainwashed fanatics who forget about their own safety for a common goal such as the destruction of your line of defense. Others are just badass. Since their morale is so high, fearless units are definitely a threat in hand to hand combat and also very hard to keep pinned. It is not uncommon to see a fearless soldier to simply get up and start charging the line despite massive incoming fire. Units with exceptionally high morale (100+) are totally fearless and cannot be pinned under almost all circumstances. The only way that they'll stop is if you kill them outright. Getting into CQC with them is a very bad idea...
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