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Soldier with 0 exp‎ Ranking Up: A soldier ranking up.
NameExperience Points.
Applied when:Entire game, on soldiers and vehicles.
EffectsHow quickly a soldier aims, shoots, and reloads.
Description"How fast and well he reacts underfire." -Urb's description of exp.

Experience, or exp, is a measure of the fighting skill of any unit. It is earned in many ways, the simplest of all being one exp per kill (or 2 exp in CQC).

Other ways include picking up crates (3 exp), getting Field Manuals in crates (5 exp to everyone), using the Combat Leadership command (1 exp for 1 TP), and various others, such as healing a disabled unit to over 10 health when you have the Gallantry Medal.

The average soldier, vehicle or asset levels up every 10 exp they earn, but others, like officers (25 exp) need different amounts. Also, some soldiers, vehicles, and assets start with exp, like Officers and Signalers.

Units with high exp also tend to have high morale and rifle skill, due to their leveling. Also, high exp units will make better decisions faster, as well as firing more.

Medics are just plain weird when it comes to exp. They start with 25 exp, but private rank. They also get exp by healing a certain amount of times, but cannot rank up in this style. In order to rank up, they must obtain exp through artificial means. Their maximum rank is proportionate to level, like an average soldier. This translates to a medic having to get quite a few crates or Combat Leadership in order to have his rank proportionate to his exp like the other soldiers. Each time you increase the medic's exp through artificial means, the medic will only go up 1 rank max. So to get a new medic to corporal, (2 stripes) you need to use Combat Leadership two times.

It is a known trend that a unit with high exp will earn more and more, sometimes leading to an Exp Hog effect.

The cap is 100, but the medic and signaller CAN exceed that, unless they kill someone,since the medic gets EXP for healing and the Signaller for calling, in which case the EXP resets to 100

Allied Units that deploy with augmented Exp

Fun Facts

  • German Mortars, like other enemies, can also rank up, but much faster. German mortars level up the faster than most Germans, because team kills count toward their exp. They level up after 5 exp. Pak 38s level up much faster than mortar guys, since they need only 1 exp to be promoted.
  • The Mud and Blood Cross adds 9 exp to the starting exp of all units.
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