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Allied squad losing the exchange of fire slowly

Exchange of fire is a theoretical term that measure the balance between the volume of fire applied to the enemy versus the same factors applied to friendly units.

The effectiveness of the exchange of fire is judged by comparing the fire volume and its results of both sides of an exchange.

Usually, the side with the superior effective fire volume will gain the initiative, will be able to maneuver and will be more capable to dictate the outcome of the battle. The side with less fire volume will be focusing on self preservation and defensive maneuvering (can be as simple as being pinned) and by consequence losing the exchange of fire.

The exchange of fire and fire volume is not a set value and can fluctuate numerous time during a battle. Maneuvers and timely usage of specific weapon systems used versus specific targets will also influence the outcome.

Inexperienced commanders will simply think that overwhelming fire power is the key to win the exchange of fire. While potentially a short term solution, It is in reality exposing your capabilities to your enemy. It also depletes your offensive resources and limiting your capability of escalating the conflict when needed.

The particularity of the exchange of fire theory is that it is an aspect of the battle field that is the most directly controllable. A commander who is winning the exchange of fire has more latitude to adapt to other unpredictable events that the battlefield will undoubtedly present him. In MnB, this usually means you have been/are being overrun by Germans.

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