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Dropped objects
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Things people drop when they die
The gallery of special dropped objects Not complete either.

When a person dies in game many of them drop things. Most American troops do not drop anything, whereas most Germans do.

Things Allies drop

Not complete

Frenchmen: They can drop a variety of things. A loaf of bread, an accordion, a wheel of cheese, wine, and maybe more.

Medic: This soldier will drop bandages.

Signaler: This unit will drop their radio pack.

Mechanic: Drops his toolbox and a variety of tools come out, such as the hammer you see on the right.

Sniper: He drops several rifle rounds. (Like the pointer in the game]

Sarge: He drops his cigar.

Things Germans drop

Also not complete

Wehrmacht, Volkssturm, and Panzergrenadiers: They drop their rifles.

12 SS Panzer: He drops his rifle and a dagger.

1st leib: He drops his binoculars and assault rifle.

MG gunner: He drops belts of ammo.

Sniper: Drops his scoped rifle.

Engineer: He drops sticks of TNT, his shovel, and his MP40.

Officer: He drops his officer hat.

Brandenburg Infiltrator: He drops his pistol.

Flamethrower: If he does not explode, he will drop the nozzle to the flamethrower.

Brandenburger: He will drop his weapon.

German Paratrooper: He will drop his FG-42.


Crates do not drop anything unless blown up, usually by your own zook. When hit, these things may fly out:

  • books
  • socks
  • blue Speedos
  • a bazooka round
  • paperweights
  • teddy bears
  • umbrellas
  • a fish
  • bananas
  • a tooth brush
  • a small christmas tree
  • paperwork
  • a plunger
  • and other assorted goods.
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