Distinguished Service Ribbon

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Distinguished Service Ribbon
Distinguished Service ribbon.png
Issued when 100 games of Mud and Blood have been played
Give 1 TP at the start of each mission
Real Life Medal?

A medium difficulty ribbon to earn, but with a good reward. The reward for playing 100 games of Mud and Blood is 1 TP at the start of each mission. This ribbon is not difficult at all, merely time-consuming, as games can last for quite a long time, depending on your experience with the game, and of course the brutal randomness of Mud and Blood. It's good when combined with the D-Day Ribbon and/or Remembrance Day Ribbon as you get more TP.

In older versions, it was good marker to players for when they received this, it would be too late to try and get the Victoria Cross.

It is the highest non-valorous military and civilian decoration in United States. It can be given to civilian employees of agencies under Federal Government of Unites States, for example NASA.

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