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Disabled Allied troop. Disabled soldiers will move their head around, unlike their dead counterparts.
NameDisabled Unit..
Applied when:When a soldier has a health of 10 HP or less.
EffectsMakes a unit unable to fight.
DescriptionA disabled unit is a soldier (infantry) under 10 HP of health. Once getting under 10 health points, the unit will fall to the ground and be rendered unable to fire, move, or use any abilities (even if it's a medic). Most disabled soldiers squirm around and scream for help. The only way a disabled soldier can get back on his feet is if a medic gets to him before he is killed for good (reduced to zero lower health by nasty Germans shooting him or friendly explosive fire) and heals the injured soldier up to 11 or more health. Once this is done, the disabled soldier will be able to get back into the action, though he is very weak. Vehicles never become disabled until they are blown up.

Note that Heroism will not work in getting a disabled soldier back on his feet (But can be used as soon as a soldier gets back up to quickly prevent death). Disabled soldiers also do not benefit from power ups received from crates.

Furthermore a disabled soldier does not count towards the Wespe's threshold. That means if the player has five visible soldiers above the midline and one gets accidently disabled, an onscreen Wespe may now switch to target the bottom of the screen if there are enough valuable objects (which is normally the case). However it is unclear if disabled soldiers count towards the Six Man Rule.

Fun Facts

  • Frenchies, since they can't speak English, will not scream for help when disabled.
  • Downed friendlies will scream for help when downed and will say phrases such as:
    1. "Momma!...Momma!"
    2. "Oh Sweet Jesus it hurts!"
    3. "cough...cough."
    4. "How bad is it Sarge?"
    5. "My legs!... I can't feel my legs!"
    6. "My stomach!... I can't hold it in!"
    7. "My leg! Somebody find my f---ing leg!"
  • Downed units will only scream during wave intermission (in-between waves when no combat is occurring).
  • Germans cannot become disabled, most likely because there are no German field medics.
  • You get a ribbon for saving 25 disabled soldiers. (The ribbon text is out-dated).
  • Disabled units are low priority for the Germans, and that can save your disabled units.
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