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Mortar getting ready to deploy.... ...and getting ready to fire
Gunner firing from hip... ...and on bipod
EffectAllows a unit to deploy, increasing their accuracy.
Example(s)Gunner, Mortar
DescriptionFreestanding and deployed mortars and gunners. Note that the mortar cannot fire undeployed, but the gunner can, though he incurs a penalty to his accuracy.

A deployable unit is a weapon system or a crew that needs to be in place and prepare its equipment before starting to be operational and entering combat. Most of the time, deployable units are slow due to the bulk of the equipment and weapons they are carrying around.

A unit who has a deployable system needs to stand immobile for a period of time in order to perform the actual deployment. The time that a unit needs to deploy its system is usually proportional to the complexity and the size of the weapon itself. Some deployable units can fire their system while being undeployed, but with very limited results.
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