Croknight's Strats

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SSpec Ops Convoy
Used For/When:
Wave 100+
Requires at Start:
Close Protection
Version compatibility:
First of all, buy one Spec Ops. Then try to find a clear map. This is so no trees or rocks are blocking the LOS. When you have a clear map, put your Spec Ops in the very middle of the map. When you have 20 Tactical points, buy a Tank and move the Spec Ops over so you can put the tank there. Then put your Spec Ops on one of the Corners of the Tank. Then buy three more Spec Ops and put them on the remaining corners of the Tank. The Spec Ops should at least have 35 rifle, if they don't, Tactical withdraw them and get another.After you get your Spec Ops, buy a gunner on your tank. This should hold you until Wave 50. By then you should have all your Spec Ops to at least 30exp or more depending on the Tank. Then start using Heroism on all the Spec Ops. Try to keep at least 4 Tactical points all the time so if a Spec Ops gets injured, you can heal them immediately. This will get you to at least wave 100. The farthest I've gotten on this Strategy is wave 174.


Because you only have 5 men, you could bring in another man of your choosing.

Ex: Medic, Scout, Sniper, Officer, Signaler, Etc.
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