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Allied Unit
Std unit allied crewman idle.gif
No specialty icon
Starting equipment:
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
100 1-25 0 10-40 10px/s
Able to re-occupy allied vehicles that have lost their driver or gunner. Not very strong or fast, however they are not meant for combat anyway.

This poor soul, the crewman, was shipped into the middle of combat with nothing but his trusty pistol. His only use is to man vehicles whose own crew have been killed. Not very encouraging, that's for sure. As a result, he has the tendency to stay put and fire away with his pistol. Hold Fire is very handy to get him moving.

Make sure to order him to move to the center of the vehicle. If it is lacking both gunner and driver, he will man the gun first. If the vehicle still has a driver, it may end up being selected as you order him to man it. In these cases, select the crewman and press the mouse on a random spot outside the vehicle, then drag it over the vehicle and release.

Crewmen are easily distinguished from officers by the lack of a backpack.

Surprisingly, they're better at killing enemies with their pistol than an officer is. This could be attributed to their overall higher rifle skill. They also tend to throw grenades more often compared to the Soldier unit.

Fun Facts

  • The crewman is the most visually under-equipped unit in MnB.
  • He is also one of three units without some sort of pack on his back.
  • You cannot remove the crew from a vehicle. Well, not alive, anyway.
  • Until version 2.2.2e, the crewman DID actually have a backpack, you could evan get him mixed up with an officer.
  • "Handing rifle grenades to a driver is like giving a map to a Lt...don't."
  • The crewman is pretty slow, considering he doesn't have a backpack and only has a pistol.
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